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Veteran Tim Gaestel Finds New Life In Golf

Tim Gaestel says golf saved his life.

A chance round at Lions Municipal Golf Course with his father in Nov. 2005 gave Gaestel, who was injured in the Iraq War, a new way of finding happiness.

“[Golf] allowed me to understand the world again,” Gaestel posted on his blog in 2010, “golf showed me that I could still be competitive, that I could set goals and achieve those goals.”

Tim Gaestel

Tim Gaestel – Photo: Bunkers Paradise

Gaestel, now 33 years old, is the head golf coach at Vista Ridge High School in Leander. Gaestel’s family moved to Austin when his father, Richard Gaestel, retired from Fort Hood in 1988. Gaestel graduated from Leander High School in 2001 and enlisted in the army shortly thereafter.

Gaestel was injured on a mission in Iraq when two pieces of shrapnel from an IED explosion struck him in the back. He remained in Iraq for six months until he returned to the states from Iraq in 2004 as a disabled soldier. As the months went by, Gaestel started having problems coping with everyday life. While Gaestel was taking classes at Austin Community College he began skipping them and feeling depressed.

His father, Richard Gaestel, noticed his son’s struggle.

“He was taking a lot of painkillers and was feeling sorry for himself,” Richard said. “It was a down in the dumps kind of feeling, I know it happens when someone is active [in the army] and comes back.”

Tim Gaestel

Sgt. Tim Gaestel, 82nd Airborne Division –  Photo: Purple Heart Austin

Richard knew first hand what his son was going through after he spent 23 years in the military.

He wanted to help his son, and thought golf might be able to do the trick.

“One day he was pretty down,” Richard said, “so I said ‘Tim, let’s go play golf.'”

It was a fall day in November of 2005 when Gaestel and his father arrived at Lions Municipal Golf Course. There weren’t many people playing, which allowed the two to play each hole slowly.

“We one by one started playing each hole,” Gaestel said. “He told me stories about times he played Lions, all the little tidbits of information he had learned about things that had happened on this course, like the story of Ben Crenshaw getting out of his car, walking to the first tee and hitting the green on his first drive, things like that.”

The two pushed their carts from hole to hole. While they walked, Richard shared the history of the course that had drawn him in over the years and hoped that by doing so Gaestel would be drawn in as well.

He spoke of golfers such as Harvey Penick, Ben Hogan, Ben Crenshaw and Tom Kite – names that would resonate more with Gaestel after reading “Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book.”

“I didn’t know exactly what drew me to the course,” Gaestel said, “but the idea that these guys put Austin on the map with golf and that this course put Harvey Penick on the map of golf drew me in. And now 11 years later I’m a head golf coach…all in that moment at Lions, is what lead me here to where I am today.”

Lions Municipal Golf Course opened in 1924 as a facility for the public to play golf. For almost a century many people like Gaestel learned the game on the course, and now, many of those same people are trying to keep Lions Municipal alive. Currently, The University of Texas owns the property on which the course is located. University officials have decided to let the lease expire in May of 2019 in order to develop the land. Therefore, citizens locally and nationally continue to join in efforts to prevent the demolition of the historic golf course.

Gaestel continued to play Lions and focus on golf as often as he could for the rest of that year.

Tim Gaestel and his father Richard Gaestel playing golf at Austin Country Club.

Tim Gaestel and his father Richard Gaestel playing golf at Austin Country Club

“Instead of me committing suicide or falling into drugs, or any of those things, I got hooked on golf,” Gaestel said.

Eventually, Gaestel realized his dream was to be a golf coach and that he wanted golf to be apart of his everyday routine. He was accepted to Texas State in 2008 and through the connection of one his friends, got the opportunity to work as a golf coach at the course run by the Texas State recreational center. He was coaching and playing golf every moment he could. When he wasn’t in San Marcos he was at Lions.

“I didn’t know what was happening to me when I got hooked and I didn’t know how much it would help me,” Gaestel said, “but I knew I wasn’t thinking about all the bad things I saw. I wasn’t thinking about all my friends who had died or IED’s going off. I was thinking about golf.”

Tim Gaestel and Richard Gaestel at the Warrior Open in 2013 with former President George H.W. Bush and wife Laura Bush [From left to right: Tim Gaestel, Laura Bush, President Bush, Richard Gaestel]

Tim Gaestel and Richard Gaestel at the Warrior Open in 2013 with former President George H.W. Bush and wife Laura Bush

Gaestel graduated in 2011, moved to San Angelo and worked at Bentwood Country Club for two years. He then got a job as the assistant coach of the Central High golf team and after his second year of coaching in San Angelo, Gaestel was invited to play in the Warrior Open. An annual tournament hosted by George W. Bush in Dallas. After the tournament Gaestel became a candidate for a head golf coach position in Leander ISD. He jumped at the opportunity.

“I’m so happy to be back home in Austin,” Gaestel said.

Gaestel’s wife, Adria Battaglia, can attest to her husband’s happiness that this sport, and the opportunity to coach this sport has brought him.

“From my perspective I think golf has empowered him to serve others,” Battaglia said. “Tim has taken everything golf continues to give to him – physically, mentally, and spiritually, and uses it to give to his student athletes. He encourages them to view golf as a life-long activity that sharpens your mind as well as your body.”

Gaestel continues to play and coach the game everyday. He and his father continue to compete for their family golf trophy that’s given to whomever wins the most rounds throughout the year.

Golf has given Gaestel so much, but mostly the sport has given him a reason to compete in every aspect of life again.

“I thought I was down and I thought I was out,” Gaestel said. “Golf let me be a competing person again…someone that can compete in all aspects of my life.”

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Jay Reynolds Wins Hill Country Amateur In Playoff With Ben Carter

Jay Reynolds (left) and Wes Skaggs

Jay Reynolds (left) with Wes Skaggs, Head Professional at Crystal Falls Golf Course

Jay Reynolds posted a final round 69 to catch first round leader Ben Carter and force a playoff to decide who would be the champion of the Hill Country Amateur, held at Crystal Falls Golf Course in Leander, Texas.   Reynolds, who posted a first round 73, completed regulation play at two under par, 142.

Ben Carter

Ben Carter

Carter, who had the first round lead with a 69, posted one over 73 in the second round and was also in at two under par for the tournament.  The playoff was decided when Reynolds made birdie on the par five 18th.

Ronnie Hackleman won the Senior Division.  His rounds of 67-71 gave him the tournament’s low round and the lowest total for 36 holes.  Hackleman has been the dominate player in the senior division of this tournament for several years.

David Volk won the Open Division with rounds of 75-71.

Click here for the full field results of the Crystal Falls Amateur.

The victory for Reynolds continues his early dominance of the local amateur golf scene.  He has won twice this season and has a commanding lead in the rankings maintained by the Austin Amateur Golf Website.  Click here to see those rankings.

Carter’s performance in the tournament moved him up into fifth place in the AAG rankings behind Reynolds, Barrett Sandefur, Jonathan Alden, and Matt Werneke.   Those rankings are used to determine the Austin Team for the Rudy’s Cup, which takes place later this year.  Aside from the captain’s picks, that team is based on the points accumulated in a selected group of tournaments.  For a detailed explanation of the AAG points system, click here.

With the heart of the local golfing season coming up, the competition will intensify for a spot on the team.   For more information about which tournaments are included in the points competition, the schedule of events and the Rudy’s Cup go to the AAG website.

Hill Country Amateur Championship at Crystal Falls

Hill Country Amateur Championship at Crystal Falls

Congratulations to Wes Skaggs and his staff for running a successful tournament.  They always put on a quality event and do their best to make the players feel welcome, regardless of their skill level.  The tournament had a full field and the weather cooperated so everyone seemed pleased with the event.



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Hill Country Amateur Championship Begins Tomorrow at Crystal Falls Golf Club

The Hill Country Amateur Championship begins tomorrow at Crystal Falls Golf Club in Leander.

The tournament will host 120 players, the maximum field limit, in three different divisions – a championship division, open division and senior division.

The Hill Country Amateur has been around since 2002 and has become more popular among golfers since then. The field limit has been reached sooner over the last few year, but Wes Skaggs, Head Golf Professional at Crystal Falls, remembers when the tournament attracted fewer golfers.

Wes Skaggs (Photo-

Wes Skaggs (Photo source:

“It’s definitely gotten better, when we started out we were getting maybe 40 players a year…it was more like a little club championship at that time,” Skaggs said. “But we’ve actually met our field limit which is 120 players, every year for about 5 years.”

The well-maintained golf course along with a lower entry fee compared to other amateur golf tournaments are two factors Skaggs believes are drawing more golfers to the tournament each year.

“We work really hard on getting the golf course ready,” Skaggs said. “This time of the year the course is really in the best condition, simply because it’s not so hot and we’ve had rainfall. Plus we haven’t been charging a whole lot for the entry fee…we don’t keep anything for the golf course, other than expenses, everything else goes back to the players.”

The entry fee was raised for the first time this year from $80 to $100.

Past Hill Country Amateur Champions

Past Hill Country Amateur Champions

Last years Hill Country Amateur Champion, Jordan Sanders, will return to the course along with Sam Wallach who came in second after a playoff.

Wallach and Sanders set the competitive course record at Crystal Falls last year posting a five under par 67. The official tournament record of -7 was set in 2008 by Josh Luongo and was tied by Steve Patterson in 2014. Skaggs thinks the tournament record probably would’ve been broken last year had the last round not been canceled due to thunderstorms.

Although player entries are no longer being accepted, those around the area are welcome to go watch the golfers in action this coming weekend.

A list of Saturday tee times and pairings as well as a schedule for the weekend can be on the Crystal Falls Golf Club website.








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Wes Short Jr. Qualifies for His First U.S. Open

Wes Short Jr. of Austin qualified Monday for his first-ever U.S. Open next week at Oakmont Country Club.

The 52-year-old secured his spot Monday at Wedgewood Golf and Country Club in Columbus, Ohio. Short competed against 103 other players for only 13 open spots in the national championship. What is called “Golf’s Longest Day,” otherwise known as U.S. Open sectional qualifying, is an intense 36-hole qualifying test held at 10 different courses across the country. Monday, more than 740 golfers played in attempt to seal one of the 55 or 60 spots typically open in the 156-player U.S. Open.

Wes Short Jr. (

Wes Short Jr. (Photo

Short went into the qualifier with confidence.

“I’ve been playing a lot this year on the seniors tour, so in that aspect I’ve been playing a lot,” Short said. “I thought if I played well I could get a spot. I knew there were a lot of good players there, tour players are there, a lot of good amateurs, but I figured if I played good, you know there’s 13 spots, I should be able to get one…or I would think so.”

Short did play well. Tying for fifth place at -7, he secured his spot in the major. It was an impressive feat, considering Short had never seen or played the course and was running on only three hours of sleep.


Two days prior to the qualifier, Short was in Iowa playing in the Principal Charity Classic. He reached his hotel in Ohio Sunday night after 2 a.m. and had to be up before 5 a.m. to get to the course. A two-hour weather delay pushed the 36-hole round further into the evening. Short didn’t finish his round until 8:30 p.m. Monday.

“We left this morning (Tuesday) early and came to Philadelphia for the Senior Players Championship that’s this weekend, so I’m dead tired,” Short said in a telephone interview from Philadelphia, where the Senior Players begins Thursday at Philadelphia Cricket Club. “I’ve had about five hours of sleep in the last three days.”

He sees the Senior Players as a way to get ready for the U.S. Open.

“What’s good about this week is that it’s a major on our tour,” Short said, “so it’s going to be set up a little more like a major so that will kind of help me out for next week.”

Short traveled a long road to get to this point and had been in this position a few times before – the first, 34 years ago. As an 18-year-old high school senior in Austin, he made it through local qualifying for the U.S. Open, but didn’t make the cut in the 36-hole qualifier in Houston.

Short went to the University of Texas for a year, leaving after he and his wife had a daughter. He worked for his father until he became an assistant pro at two country clubs near Austin.

“I didn’t want to be one of those people at 50 years old who said, ‘Hey, I could have made it on the tour,’ which most of the time is a bunch of B.S.,” Short said. “I wanted to go prove it, so that at least when I turned 50, I wasn’t going to be one of them. I would know.”

Short did exactly that.

Short received his PGA Tour card at the age of 40. Two years into his time on the tour, Short got the opportunity to play in the Las Vegas tournament as an alternate and ended up beating Jim Furyk in a playoff. The following year Short missed out on another opportunity to play in the U.S. Open, losing in a playoff.

Short won as a 50-year-old rookie on the PGA Tour Champions in 2014 and has played in the U.S. Senior Open twice, withdrawing the first time in the third round from back pain.

Short has suffered from back issues for years, but has been doing better recently.

“It’s been okay. I think what’s been bad in the last two or three weeks is more of a muscle,” Short said. “It hasn’t been horrible, but it lets me know it’s there sometimes.”

After 34 years, Short is ready for his turn at tackling Oakmont, which is arguably one of the toughest courses in golf.

“I’m very excited and I can’t wait until next week. It’s probably one of the biggest tournaments you can play in so I’m very excited for that.”

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Kaitlyn Papp – On To the Next Round

The day after winning the U.S. Women’s Amateur 4-Ball Tournament in Florida alongside her teammate Hailee Cooper, Kaitlyn Papp was on a flight back to Austin. She was leaving for Arizona the following day. Kaitlyn finished the AJGA Thunderbird International tournament in Scottsdale, Arizona, tying for third-place. Again, Papp flew back to Austin so she could return to the course to practice for an upcoming international tournament.

That was just in the last two weeks.

Kaitlyn Papp, a senior at Lake Travis High School, has paved a way for herself in the world of golf and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Kaitlyn Papp

Kaitlyn Papp

Golf caught the interest of Papp eleven years ago. Her father played golf for fun and one day Papp decided she’d like to give it a try. She went to the range, picked up a club for the first time and began putting, chipping and hitting the golf balls as best a 6-year-old could.

For three years she played the game for fun, but when she was 9 years old, that changed.

“I went to an LPGA event to watch, and thought, ‘wow this is so cool, I want to do this some day’,” Papp said. “So I started taking lessons, practicing and playing in tournaments.”

Papp took up golf just like other 9 and 10 year olds take up sports. But her life was a little different than most kids around the country.

Kaitlyn Papp on the course at 10 years old

Kaitlyn Papp on the course at 10 years old

Her father used to be in the Navy, so the Papp family moved often. She was homeschooled and enrolled in online courses, so she could keep up with school during the frequent moves. Papp moved from Camp Lejeune North Carolina to Pensacola, Florida. Next to Okinawa, Japan, then back to North Carolina. Her family then moved to San Antonio and at one point the 17-year-old was living between Austin and Pensacola before she settled in Austin for good in 2014.

Kaitlyn managed to keep up with golf despite the frequent moves and thinks being homeschooled helped in her progression as a golfer and now, travel with the sport.

“I think being homeschooled was good for golf because I got to experience a lot of different courses and have a different home course every few years,” Papp said. “I got really used to traveling, so when I go to tournaments now I don’t mind the traveling, I actually enjoy it.”

Papp enrolled at Lake Travis High School as a sophomore in Jan. 2015. This was a unique transition for Papp because now she had to balance an entire school day plus a rigorous practice schedule.

“I definitely learned more about time management,” Papp said, “because you have to deal with homework, knowing when to study and when you have an opportunity to do homework, to take it, and just to make the most of your time is what I really learned.”

Playing golf for her team, rather than herself was an aspect of transitioning into high school for which Papp had no problem. Before joining the Lake Travis Golf Team, Papp’s only team experience was playing in the AJGA Wyndham Cup in 2014. Before that, she focused solely on individual play. Papp found her niche on the Lake Travis golf team this year and helped the fivesome become the first team in five years to win back-to-back girls golf titles in the Class 6A state tournament.

Lake Travis girls 6A 2016 State Champions L-R Erik Henson,Kaitlyn Papp, Sara Camarena, Kristen Gillman, Lauren Comegys, Morgan Lay, Clayton Brady, Richard Wagner

Lake Travis girls 6A 2016 State Champions L-R Erik Henson,Kaitlyn Papp, Sara Camarena, Kristen Gillman, Lauren Comegys, Morgan Lay, Clayton Brady, Richard Wagner

“I love [team golf],” Papp said. “Because in high school and college golf you’re playing for your team and not just for yourself…you’re playing with your team, your coaches and your school.”

Although Papp has an exciting future ahead, she is most excited about attending and playing golf for the University of Texas at Austin. After visiting a few schools Papp decided to tour UT. The moment she visited the campus she knew she’d be a Longhorn.

“There’s a new coach, the facilities are great, and when I stepped on campus I just fell in love and everything felt just right,” Papp said.

For now, Papp will stay busy playing in tournaments throughout the summer.

Wednesday she and 6 others will leave for Japan to represent Team USA in the 2016 Toyota Junior Golf World Cup.

From homeschool to high school and an opportunity to play golf for an NCAA Division 1 college, Papp’s hopes for her future are clear.

“I want to play golf for a living and play on the LPGA tour.”

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GolfAustin Welcomes New Intern Staff Writer – Taylor Tillson

GolfAustin welcomes Taylor Tillson as a summer 2016 intern staff writer. Taylor is a recent graduate of the University of Texas with a degree in Journalism. She has grown up watching and learning about the game of golf and is excited to share her perspective on the sport with GolfAustin readers. GolfAustin strives to share news and stories that the Austin golf community would like to know more about, so please direct any story ideas or inquiries to

Taylor Tillson

Taylor Tillson

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Kaitlyn Papp and Hailee Cooper Win U.S. Women’s Four-Ball

Kaitlyn Papp and Hailey Cooper Hoist USGA Four-Ball Trophy

Kaitlyn Papp and Hailey Cooper Hoist USGA Four-Ball Trophy

Lake Travis High School Golfer Kaitlyn Papp, along with Houston’s Hailee Cooper, won the U.S. Women’s Four-Ball Championship yesterday after winning the first hole of a playoff against two other youngsters.

Papp, who is 17 years old,  is part of the historic Lake Travis Girls High School Team that recently won the state 6A High School championship after totally dominating the high school golf scene with 12 consecutive tournament wins.  Cooper, who plays high school golf in Montgomery, Texas is 16 years old.  Papp, who is verbally committed to play golf at the University of Texas, will graduate from Lake Travis in 2017.

Since the coverage of this event is on a national basis, there are numerous postings available to read more about their victory.  To do so, click on the following links.

Congratulations to Kaitlyn….

USGA Website

Fox News

Yahoo News

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Stratton Nolen From Austin Wins Big 12 Individual Championship

Stratton Nolen

Stratton Nolen

Stratton Nolen, who grew up and learned to play golf in Austin, recently won the Big 12 individual trophy and led the Oklahoma State Men’s team to a second place finish in the championship.

In route to winning Nolen beat some of the best players in  college golf.   His six under par total at Whispering Pines Golf Club in Trinity, Texas was one better than Beau Hossler, who plays for Texas.

Just to give some perspective on Nolen’s competition,  the UT team is ranked numer one in the country and Beau Hossler has put together one of the best seasons in college golf history, winning five tournaments along the way to nine top ten finishes in 2016.    The only University of Texas Player to win more tournaments in a single season is Ben Crenshaw.

So it was quite the victory for Nolen.  The question comes to mind, why did this happen when Nolen has had limited playing time with only four starts in 2014-15 and 14 rounds in 2015-16 with a 72.14 stroke average for this year.   Click here for more stats on the Oklahoma Cowboys’s and Nolen’s performances this year.

I was unable to reach Nolen for his comments on the experience but like lots of Austin golfers, I am familiar with his golfing history and more importantly, his character.

Breck Nolen

Breck Nolen

Nolen played his junior golf at Circle C, which is now called Grey Rock and owned by the City of Austin.  His father, Breck was an ardent supporter and primary caddie for Stratton through most of his junior golf.

Westlake Boys And GirlsTeams 2012 5A State Champions

Westlake Boys And GirlsTeams 2012 5A State Champions

They were a presence in the local golf tournaments and had a lot of success together.  Beside being father and son, they both played for Westlake High School.  Breck Nolen moved to Austin from Fort Stockton as a senior in high school.  He made the Westlake team and helped them win the 1980 State championship. In 2012, Stratton won the Texas 5A individual championship and led his team to the state championship.

Nolen’s junior golf resume reveals a history of winning.  Those of us who watched his maturation process are familiar with the Nolen family values of a strong work ethic and self belief as well as a sense of treating people with courtesy and respect.

Buck Mayers - Director of Golf At Escondido

Buck Mayers – Director of Golf At Escondido

Buck Mayers, who was the teaching professional at Circle C and Grey Rock while Nolen played there, has continued to work with Nolen during college.  Mayers is now the Directory of  Instruction at Escondido in Horseshoe Bay.  He offered these comments about Stratton.

“I started working with Stratton in the 8th grade.  His dad, a very knowledgable and accomplished player himself, felt I was a good fit.  The chemistry between Stratton and his family support team was always very good.

What i can say is, as a coach, it’s important to let the kid grow from experience to the game, intangibles matter.  Stratton is coachable, a great work ethic, has a crazy passion to the history and the game.  It was really important not to over coach him.  I knew he was hungry to learn; so when I chased him off the range, he understood.

When I said, forget the perfect positions, he knew why.  Ball behavior, get it in the hole, intestinal fortitude is learned from nose bleeds!  He got it.

Yes, he/we did video but only because visual validation and  it helped his pictures in his mind’s eye, not methodology.  Stratton is a dirt dude and I was just the jockey riding a very good horse not getting in the way of his self discovery.  He is the real deal”.

So, it comes as no surprise to Austin golfers that Stratton has been successful.  The step from junior golf and high school golf to college golf is a big one.  It is unusual that someone makes that step and is immediately successful.  So, it seems that Stratton is on track to in his progression to a successful collegiate golfing career.  He is only a sophomore in terms of his playing eligibility and he will get more starts on the team after this win.

NCAA Regional tournament fields will be announced on tomorrow, Thursday May 5th on the Morning Drive program on the Golf Channel.  It will be interesting to see where Stratton and the Cowboys wind up, as well as the UT Team.

Congratulations to Stratton Nolen on his latest golfing accomplishment.  We look forward to many more.







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Westlake Boys Capture Third In State 6A Golf Championship

l-r Coach Callan Nokes, Trevor Brown, Reid Davenport, Reese Ramsey, Michael Rome, Nick Costello

l-r Coach Callan Nokes, Trevor Brown, Reid Davenport, Reese Ramsey, Michael Rome, Nick Costello

The Westlake Boys Golf Team won third place in the State 6A Golf Championship at Legacy Hills Golf Course in Georgetown, Texas.  Plano West won the championship and Mansfield finished second.

Trevor Brown was low man for Westlake with 76-71, good for 10th place in the individual race.

The third place finish continues the strong performance of the Westlake Golf program.  They finished second in 2015 when the team included Reese Ramsey, Reid Davenport, Nick Costello, Henrik Olsson, Michael Rome

Click here for full field results.


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Vandegrift Teams Dominate State 5A Golf

Vandegrift Boys Teams

The Vandegrift Boys Golf Teams captured first and third while the Vandegrift Girls Team finished second in the 2016 5A State High School Golf Championship Tournament at Wolfdancer Golf Club in Bastrop, Texas.

In a highly unusual event, Vandegrift qualified two teams for both the boys and girls state 5A tournament.  Their play in state tournament proved the Vandegrift golf program is flourishing.   The photo below includes both the Black and Silver boys teams and was taken at the regional championship.

l-r Matt Wernecke (Coach) Daniel Martinez, Lucas Mylet, Cooper Doosey, Tobin Niblett, Brandon Hoff

Black Team – Champions – Matt Wernecke (Coach) Daniel Martinez, Lucas Mylet, Cooper Doosey, Tobin Niblett, Brandon Hoff

The Vandegrift “Black” Team, captured the title with under par team totals in both rounds.  They shot three under 285 the first round and one under 287 the second round.  A wonderful performance.

At the state tournament, the Black team included Daniel Martinez, Lucas Mylet, Cooper Dossey, Tobin Niblett, and Brandon Hoff.   This is the third consecutive state championship for the Vandegrift Boys.

They won the state 4A championship two years ago, the 5A last year and the 5A championship this year.  Next year they are scheduled to move to 6A.

l-r Wyatt Speaks, jacob Rockefeller, Luke Dossey, Dalton Doerr, Foster Givens, Coach Matt Werneke

Silver Team – 3rd place – Wyatt Speaks, jacob Rockefeller, Luke Dossey, Dalton Doerr, Foster Givens, Coach Matt Werneke

In 2014, the state championship team included William Martinez, Cooper Dossey, Chase Phillips, Tobin Niblett, Daniel Martinez.

In 2015 state championship team consisted of Tobin Niblett, Skyler Young, Brandon Hoff, Daniel Martinez.

Daniel Martinez and Cooper Dossey have played on all three state championship teams.

Cooper Dossey

Cooper Dossey

Cooper Dossey won the 2016 individual title in a convincing fashion, shooting 66-69=135.  That was nine under par, eight shots ahead of Mac Meissiner of Alamo Heights.  Brandon Hoff won the third place trophy in the individual race with even par 144.

Dossey finished second last year, one shot behind the winner.  He finished third in the previous year.

Click here for the full field scores in the Boys division.

Vandegrift Girls Team

Story Shaw, Jensen Julufka, Sarah Rovenstine, Hailey Derrickson, Sophia Di Gesualdo, Coach Matt Werneke

Story Shaw, Jensen Julufka, Sarah Rovenstine, Hailey Derrickson, Sophia Di Gesualdo, Coach Matt Werneke

The Vandegrift Girls “Black” Team won second place in the state 5A golf championship.  The team included Story Shaw, Jensen Julufka, Sarah Rovenstine, Hailey Derrickson and Sophie Di Gesualdo.  Matt Wernecke is the coach for the girls team as well as the boys team.

After a third place finish last year, the second place finish in state indicates the girls team is moving in the right direction.

Click here for the full field results in the Girls 5A competition.

Congratulations to all the players, coaches and families in the Vandegrift golfing community.




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