Firecracker Open Continues Flighted Play

One of the local golfers asked this information be posted to this website to remind players that the flighted portion of the Firecracker Open will take place as usual.  With the addition of a qualifying requirement for the championship portion of the Firecracker, there has been some confusion about the flighed portion of the tournament.   Call Muny at 477-6963 for information.  Entries opened June 1st at 7:00 a.m.

Flighted Play Information
Cost is $ 195, and flight entrants are guaranteed 3 rounds.  Format is match play for the first two days, and stroke play the last day.  The last day your foursome is your flight.  If you have won at least one match, then two places are paid.  If you lose both matches, then one place is paid.  You are flighted based on handicap, then all matches are played gross.  They start out with 3 flights, 1st, 3rd and 5th.  You play your first match.  If you win, you stay in 1-3-5.  If you lose, you move to the 2-4-6.  You play another match (2nd day).  If you win, you stay in your flight.  If you win, you stay in your flight.  If you lose, you move to the consolation flight.  At then end of the second day, there are 12 flights, as follows:



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