Firecracker Open Ready to Pop

Final preparations for the 2011 Firecracker Open are nearing completion.  There have been two qualifying rounds held and exempt players have reached the deadline for paying their entry fee.  Late minute details with the championship division and the flighted play are being diligently worked by Mike Brent and the Lions Municipal Staff.  Maintenance crews are preparing the course for the event and partcipants are playing practice rounds. 

The rich traditions of the tournament make it a special event in the Austin golf calendar.  The tournament trophy is a list of prominent players from several generations of players.  The champions of the event include young players and more mature golfers that have gone on to play college golf and professional golf.  A player treasures having his name on the trophy.

The tournament setting at Lions Municipal is an Austin icon with generations of golfers having played casual golf with friends, junior golfers playing summer tournament, junior high and high school teams competing in local and state competitons, along with the Spring Muny Partnership and the Firecracker Open being hosted at the sight.

The contestants are welcomed by the Lions Golf Course, Home of the Firecracker Open sign, which provides some of the tournament history and displays the name of the current champion throughout their year long reign.

As is typical of the Lions Muny course, chance meetings result in new relationships and friendly competition.  On Wednesday, Billy Clagett and Mike Allen played a practice round and were fortunate enough to be paired with Paul Romero and Marco Palacios who recently made it through one of two qualifying rounds for non-exempt players.  When asked about that experience they commented they were happy to be in the field and looking forward to a weekend of competition.  Shown here hitting their tee shots on the par three 16th hole, they appear to be in good form headed into the tournament.

Six time winner Billy Clagett offers his advice to the participants in the upcoming tournament.  See the video here.

For the golfing public who are looking for some inexpensive entertainment in over the weekend, come out to the course and enjoy the competition and the fellowship of the golfing community.

Of Special Note: Lloyd Morrison, the head professional at Lions for several decades has been going through some health issues and is progressing well in his recovery.  Several comments were made during the Spring Partnership that it just did not seem to be the same tournament without Lloyd present.  The same will be true of the Firecracker Open.  Those of you who have played at Lions over the years will surely agree with my sentiment when I wish Lloyd all the best and a speedy recovery.  Lloyd, we hope you are back at Lions soon and we miss your friendly and welcoming presence.  Get well soon.

Here is the list of entries in the championship flight as of late Wednesday night.


Last Name First Name Flight
Alden Jonathan Champ
Allen Mike Champ
Amon Bob Champ
Arenas Laffitt Champ
Baldree Mark Champ
Beck III Joe Champ
Bell Drew  Champ
Bendetti Joe Champ
Benestante Chris Champ
Bertram Mike Champ
Black Gene Champ
Boatner Logan Champ
Bourque James Champ
Brader David Champ
Breen Coy Champ
Bright Steven Champ
Broussard Lee Champ
Brunssen Vince Champ
Byford Cody Champ
Caldwell Trey Champ
Carter Ben Champ
Cersosimo Jack Champ
Chavez Marc  Champ
Clagett Billy  Champ
Cristea Nicholas Champ
Douglas Jan Champ
Egge Brett Champ
Ellis Alex Champ
Erwin Nathan Champ
Fell Hagen Champ
Ferchill Price Champ
Ford Stewart Champ
Frazier Robert Champ
Fuccello Frank Champ
Gammill Tyler Champ
Garnder Chase Champ
Goldwater Michael Champ
Grindle Mike Champ
Gustafson James Champ
Hamm Dillon Champ
Hansard Hudson Champ
Hartenstein Chris Champ
Hawkes Jordan Champ
Henry T.Ross Champ
Hindsman Miles Champ
Hinton Marshall Champ
Holtzman Thomas Champ
Howard Dan Champ
Hyde Austen Champ
Jacoby Jeff Champ
Janss Nick Champ
Jordahl Myron Champ
Kennedy Bryan Champ
King Kody Champ
Kizer Aaron Champ
Kuemple Blake Champ
Laundermilk Charlie Champ
Levy Alex Champ
Long Jason Champ
MacNeil Will Champ
Martin Chad Champ
McCalla Kevin Champ
McDonald R.W. Champ
McWilliams Ripley Champ
Moore Paul Champ
Morris Andrew Champ
Morris Trey Champ
Morris Bobby Champ
Nolan Stratton Champ
O'Neal Adam Champ
Ormand Rob Champ
Ormand Johnny Champ
Padua Vince Champ
Palacios Marco Champ
Parchman Jason Champ
Paterson Steve Champ
Pearce Jeffery Champ
Perez John Champ
Pounds Ben Champ
Price Cody Champ
Quit Taylor Champ
Redfern Brendan Champ
Reynolds Randy Champ
Romero Paul Champ
Rothwell Dave Champ
Russell Wiley Champ
Rust Dillon Champ
Sanders Jordon Champ
Schroeder Trey  Champ
Scott Craig Champ
Seidman Chris Champ
Shephard Dylan Champ
Shiflet Cole Champ
Sholtis Austin Champ
Smith Michael Champ
Snell Jeff Champ
Steinmann Corey Champ
Stevens Jay Champ
Stuart Seth Champ
Thomas Phil Champ
Trafton Steve  Champ
Trungale Jim Champ
Underwood Tony Champ
Waldrip Ted Champ
Walsh Larry Champ
Ware Tyler Champ
White Charles Neal Champ
Wing Cody Champ
Wolf – Barnes Tyler Robert Champ




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