Hannon Cup to Announce 2011 Teams

The 15th Annual Hannon  Cup Matches are rapidly approaching and team selections are being finalized.Georg Hannon

Captains John Pigg and Brent Buckman are scheduled to announce the amateur and professional team members by August 23rd.  John Pigg commented at the TGA State Senior Championship that he has made the majority of his selections and is down to picking the last man or two.

"This is when it gets difficult" he commented. "There are several factors to need to be included in the selections and you never know for sure if you are making the right choices.  We have an excellent group of players and should have a strong amateur team this year."

The Hannon Cup Team selections are made by the respective captains with one pick on both teams made by Coach George Hannon, the association's namesake.  On the amateur side, the captain considers the players ability, how they have been playing lately, how involved in the golfing community they are and how interested they might be in supporting the Hannon  Cup Assoc iation going forward. 

"This year we will have a good group of young guys that are playing well and that should be good for us going forward, commented Pigg."

On the professional side, the local pros must meet certain criteria with respect to their PGA status and must be in the geographical area of Travis and surrounding counties.

Brent Buckman will captain the professionals and will be returning to Austin for the occasion, having recently moved from Austin for employment purposes.

The Hannon Cup Association is in it's 15th year and this year's matches are special to Coach George Hannon and the Hannon Cup Association Steering Committee.   The matches will be played at the University of Texas Golf Club at Steiner Ranch on September 19-20.  The Amateur Team currently leads the series 8-6.  See the full story on the Hannon  Cup Matches including individual players records in the matches on the Hannon  Cup Association webpage.  Click here for the link.

Aside from the matches, the Hannon  Cup Association is involved in supporting the golfing community in Austin by supporting the Austin Junior Golf Academy, hosting the George Hannon Junior Invitational golf tournament, providing scholarships to young golfers in college and awarding the Billy  Clagett Scholarship to local juniors who qualify for USGA events.  The Hannon Cup Association is a 501 (c) 3 non profit supported by the Hannon Society who donate funds annually to the association. 

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