Morrison Headed to Hancock

Conversations with Lloyd Morrison and Kevin Gomillion have revealed that Lloyd Morrison will be headed to Hancock shortly.   As described in a previous posting on this website, the closing of Morris Williams for renovation along with several other factors are resulting in the end of Morrison's 35 year stint as the head professional at Lions Municipal Golf Course. 

Since Morrison is not yet ready to fully retire, Morrison and Gomillion have reached an arrangement whereby Morrison will become an hourly employee for the city and book about 20 hours a week behind the counter at Hancock.  Lloyd indicated that he still enjoys talking to people and working the counter and that this work schedule would suit him well.  He also indicated that the terms of the agreement were satisfactory and that he and Beth Cleckler, who will have oversight responsibility for Lions Municipal and Hancock during the rennovation of Morris Williams, have an excellent working relationship.  Although still somewhat dissapointed that the contract for managing Lions could not have been extended for another year, Morrison said the arrangement is satisfactory under the circumstances.

Gomillion indicated he is delighted that something could be worked out and that Morrison will be at Hancock.  Paraphrasing his comments Gomillion basically said "Lloyd said he wanted to work another year at about 20 hours a week before he retired.  I'm delighted he is at Hancock and I hope he works another 10 years."

Negotiations are underway concerning some of the other employees at Lions becoming city employees but it looks like some of them will transition to Hancock.   

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