Bailey and Elbrecht Lead Muny Spring Partnership After Round 1

Roger Bailey and Tyler Elbrecht grabbed the first round lead of the Muny Spring Partnership with a nine under par score of 62.  One stroke behind were Graham Turney and Jeff Wylie at 63, followed by two teams at 64, including Gene Black/Scott Matheson and Peach Reynolds/Mark Reynolds.  Seven other teams were in at 65.

Full field scores and Sunday's tee times are posted below.

A good time was had by all as they were blessed with a beautiful spring day in which to enjoy the competition, being at Muny and the company of fellow competitors.

Regardless of what score players posted they were all able to have a hamburger, some chips, and a soft drink on the porch at Muny.  Something about the smell of a hamburger being cooked on a bar-b-que grill at Muny signals that the golf season in Austin is under way.  Chrill Valle, who normally does the cooking inside at the grill, was handling the grilling chores during the first round action.  In keeping with safety precautions, the cooking is done on the porch over a cement floor instead of out in the open as in past years. Something about last year's drought and fires seem to have made an impression on all of us with respect to being careful with open fires.

Chris Gordon, shown here with pen in hand, is handling the posting of the scores on the scoreboard.  Chris and Chris were enjoying the spring day.  The scoreboard, porch, and practice range area is where the post round action takes place and players enjoy fellowship and post-round golf stories.  Hanging around that area will provide good food, interesting conversation and generally a good time.   

The sense of renewal was present at the course as many of the long running teams were present.  Karl Holtzman Phillip Vescovo have been playing in the Muny Spring Partnership for a couple of decades and look forward to the spring tournament so they can play a little golf and spend some time together.  They were paired with Kirk Smith and Mark Hendrix and are show here on the 10th tee after hitting their tee shots. 

Speaking of the tee shot at 10…with the north wind blowing 15 mph, that tee shot changed from it's usual benign 6 or 7 iron downwind or a chance to shoot at the green with a driver,  to a 4 or 5 iron that needed to be flighted low to avoid being pushed off line. Hitting the fairway was a bit of a challenge.  After watching several groups go through the 10th, it was apparent that the weather was adding an element of difficulty. Ben Carter, and his partner Brian Kennedy played 3 and 4 irons and managed to get a ball in the fairway in good position. Shown here Carter is sending his shot on the way.

Mike Grindle and Marty Williams partnered to post two under 69. Although Grindle has been active in local tournaments over the past few years and played well, Williams has been absent from the competitive golf scene for a while and it was nice to see him back on the links. He's one of the many very capable golfers in Austin that don't have the opportunity to play as much as they would like due to work and other priorities but do take the time to make this tournament so they can see friends who enjoy the links.

Some new friendships being formed this year with many players teaming up for the first time.  Drew Bell, defending champion of the Central Texas Amateur is shown below with partner Marco Palcios. Their first round 70 was not up to their standards but did not let it spoil their day. Sunday provides another opportunity and they will probably post a better score.  Bell is working and going to school so the end of the semester grind has prevented him from spending much time on the course.  Another new team reflects the golfing communities inclusive attitudes. Michael Cooper, two time winner of the City Championship and two time winner of the Firecracker Open paired with young Austin Cotton and they posted 66.  

Some of the long time teams were not present, such as Billy Clagett and Tim Wilson, who were entered but chose to withdraw so they could attend the funeral of Dale Roper. For those of you not familiar with Dale Roper, he was a Muny product and a fine player. He attended Austin High School and was living in San Antonio at the time of his death.  He was present at last year's Muny gathering of players held each christmas. 

Kody King and Matt Fisher, who were college teammates at Baylor, paired up and posted 67.  King is the current men's city champion and was the winner of the year long points race hosted by Austin Amateur Golf.  What a great year he had, posting second place finishes in a couple of tournaments and winning the season ending Austin Amateur Golf Championship Tournament.  Matt Fisher, who is a fine player in his own right, was in contention at the recent Spring Mid-Am tournament.



Tee Time First Name Last Name First Name Last Name Day One
7:30 Halsey  Haney Dude Spellings 77
9:10 Robert Rickard Joey Foster 77
9:10 David  Phelps Mike Harkins 76
9:20 Rusty Thornell Tom Leonardis 75
9:20 Marc Chavez Chris Ferraro 75
9:30 Charles Blundo Tom Cochrane 74
9:30 Jerry Glosson Don Nowakski 74
9:40 Stewart Ford Joe  Ramos 74
9:40 Wendall Walker Lester Vanzura 74
9:50 Pat O'Brien Kevin Dahl 73
9:50 Mike Bertram Zack Wilson 73
10:00 Karl  Holtzman Philp Vescovo 73
10:00 Steven Lang Gabe Bramlette 72
10:10 Rick  Klunk David Canning 71
10:10 Michael Caputo John Perez 70
10:20 Jackie Mills Lee Raines 70
10:20 Scott Turner Kevin Burke 70
10:30 Drew Bell Marco Palcios 70
10:30 Matt Reynolds Aaron McIntyre 70
10:40 Doak Embrey Hill Adams 69
10:40 Kyle Elliott Bryan Mann 69
10:50 James Gustafson T. Ross Henry 69
10:50 Randy Reynolds Chris Lyles 69
11:00 Greg Sigler Mike Goldwater 69
11:00 Mike Grindle Marty Williams 69
11:10 Teddy Wheeler Paul Moore 69
11:10 Brian Noonan Mark  Sutton 69
11:20 Thomas Haley Trevor Spring 68
11:20 Jeff Shell Joe  Fox 68
11:30 Paul Romero Bech Bruun 68
11:30 Bubba Sykes Gary Godwin 68
11:40 Adam Holman George Birge 68
11:40 Wes Goodlett Hagen  Fell 68
11:50 Mark Hendrix Kirk Smith 67
11:50 Rob Ormand Johnny Ormand 67
12:00 Alex Ellis Ben Pounds 67
12:00 Jerry Thorn  Mark  Baldree 67
12:10 Matt Riley Jordan Cowart 67
12:10 Matt Fisher Kody  King 67
12:20 Vince Brunssen George Stark 67
12:20 Cary Petri Marshall Hinton 66
12:30 Thomas Holtzman Dillon vanEssun 66
12:30 Michael Cooper Austin Cotton 66
12:40 Ben Carter Bryan Kennedy 65
12:40 John Fisher Ron Tallant 65
12:50 Daniel Northington Dennis Northington 65
12:50 Justin Long Jason Long 65
1:00 Steven Bright Casey Harverstick 65
1:00 Tom Spilman Robert Evans 65
1:10 William Martinez Daniel Martinez 65
1:10 Steffan Schmieding Chris Causey 65
1:20 Gene Black Scott Matheson 64
1:20 Peach Reynolds Mark  Reynolds 64
1:30 Graham Turney Jeff Wylie 63
1:30 Roger  Bailey Tyler Elbrecht 62


Flighted Division


Tee Time First Name Last Name First Name Last Name Day One Flight
7:30 Gavin Smith Robert Armistead 86 2nd Flight
7:40 Bill Bishop Flip Lockhoof 85 2nd Flight
7:40 Jim Strickland Darrell David 79 2nd Flight
7:50 Robert Castillo Chris  King 78 2nd Flight
7:50 Kevin Spradling Kyle McClure 78 2nd Flight
8:00 Michael Roche Tim  Roche 77 2nd Flight
8:00 Robert Washburn Larry  Salinas 76 2nd Flight
8:10 Thane Wilkins Steve Mjos 75 2nd Flight
8:10 Andrew Cottrell Billy Johnson 74 2nd Flight
8:20 Bob Lovett Shawn Wells 74 2nd Flight
8:20 Mark Schnabel Jeff  Gore 73 1st Flight
8:30 Robert Howard Dan Howard 73 1st Flight
8:30 Jeff Lanier Beverly Lanier 73 1st Flight
8:40 Frank Paul Richard Buratti 72 1st Flight
8:40 Alan Bell Jeff  Jacoby 72 1st Flight
8:50 Jim Thomas Jay Barnes 72 1st Flight
8:50 Stephen Hemphill Jonathan Smedley 71 1st Flight
9:00 Kirk Hartstein Scott Hauser 70 1st Flight
9:00 Craig Spotts Randy Nichols 70 1st Flight


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