State High School Golf Tournaments in Austin Monday-Tuesday

The State High School 4A and 5a Golf Championships will be decided next week.  The 4A tournament for both the boys and girls teams will be held at the Jimmy Clay Golf Course on April 30-May 1st, while the 5A teams will compete at Onion Creek on the same dates.   

Lake Travis boys won the regional 4A while the Lake Travis girls team finished second.  The Lake Travis boys dominated their regional play with a 12 stroke margin of victory.  See the story and comments from coach Randy Morris here. 

Westlake boys and girls teams will compete in the 5a championships at Onion Creek.  The Westlake boys main competition will be Mansfield.  In speaking with Waymen Hopke and Matthew Perrine, members of the Westlake boys team,  they both indicated that all signs indicate it will be a close race because in several tournaments over the course of the season, the teams were closely matched.  It will just depend on which team has the best tournament.  Here were the Westlake scores from boys regional tournament.

Austin Westlake 292 292 584
Wehman Hopke 77 71 148
Andy Germann 72 76 148
Charles Neel White 74 81 155
Matthew Perrine 75 72 147
Stratton Nolen 71 73 144

The Woodlands figures to be the odds on favorite in the girls 5A competition, as they have been for some time.  The Westlake girls are capable of beating them but it will require a good effort.

Best off luck to all the teams and congratulations on making  it to state.



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