Great Hills Memorial Day Tournament Results

The team of Jarad Stockton and Steve Paterson eagled the last hole of the competition to post a best ball total of 199 for three rounds and win the Great Hills Memorial Day Partnership tournament.  Reports from players indicated the golf course was in excellent condition and the tournament was lots of fun.

The following results were forwarded to GolfAustin.Org by Rick Arnett, Director of Golf at Great Hills Country Club.  We appreciate the information and are please to provide the results to the public. 

  2012 Memorial Day Championship
     Championship Divison 
1st 199  Stockton, Jarad 
     Paterson, Steve 
t2nd 200  Holman, Adam 
     Evans, Robert 
t2nd 200  Ellis, Alex 
     McEntire, Mark 
4th 202  Davison, Jonathon 
     Birge, George 
5th 206  Hartenstein, Chris 
     Bruce, Grady 
     First Flight 
t1st 210  Schoelkopf, Tom 
     Hannon, Jack 
t1st 210  Sykes, Richard 
     Bridges, Brian 
3rd 212  Welch, Richard 
     Wood, Steve 
     Second Flight 
1st 210  Lavendoski, John 
     Hornsby, Chris 
2nd 215  Carr, Jim 
     Kane, Don 
t3rd 216  Hopkins, David 
     Meck, Larry 
t3rd 216  Benites, Xavier 
     Paddy, Rusty 
     Third Flight 
1st 219  Taylor, Dan 
     Hjelm, Bryan 
2nd 222  Hampton, David 
     Gellman, Steve 
3rd 223 Newberry, John
    Todd, Jim
    Fourth Flight
1st 227 Leifeste, Michael
    Garrick, Ron
2nd 228 Wiley, Tim
    Gresham, Richard
3rd 229 Riese, Charlie
    Manson, George
    Fifth Flight
1st 231 Lopez, Ray
    Davis, Don
2nd 233 Friedli, Bud
    Tobias, John
3rd 237 Harris, Ron
    Smith, Ross
    Sixth Flight
1st 181 Turner, Steve
    Crider, Dwayne
2nd 185 Shields, Dan
    Cocke, Cinco
3rd 188 Zeigler, Gary
    Bolger, Bill
    Seventh Flight
t1st 188 Morgan, Ted
    Fajkus, Jim
t1st 188 Wilkins, Pat
    Bartley, Ken
3rd 192 Barnes, Wayne
    Verhaeghe, Dean


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