Field Set For 2012 Firecracker Open

Note: Payment deadline for all players in the 2012 Firecracker Open is Friday, June 22nd at 6:00 PM.

In 2011, the format for the Firecracker Open was altered to improve the pace of play and the quality of the Championship flight.  The size of the field was reduced and players were grouped in threesomes spaced at ten minute intervals.  The changes resulted in four to four hour and fifteen minute rounds on all three days of the competition and was a hit with the players and tournament sponsors.  In addition, the scoring quality of the field was improved by implementing qualification requirements.   

To play in the championship flight, a player must be in the exempt category or must qualify for the championship flight.   In 2011, exempt players in the championship flight included past champions of the Firecracker Open, the top 30 players from the previous year's Firecracker Open and the top 20 from the previous year's Men's City Championship.  Some players were qualified in more than one category. 

In 2012,  in addition to the aformentioned exempt categories,  the winners of the Spring Mid-Amateur Championship, both players from the winner of the Spring Lions Partnership, and the winner Chester Cup, the Horseshoe Bay Invitational, and the Hill Country Amateur at Crystal Falls were added to the exempt category for the championship flight.  All other players had to qualify.  There were two qualifying opportunities and the results of those qualifiers appear at the end of this post.  

In addition to the championship flight, some spots were set aside for the non-championship flights Those were filled on a first-come first-served basis to complete the field for the 2012 Firecracker Open.  The complete list of entries as of today appear below.  Players must complete their registration by making payment prior to the payment deadline.

The Championship Flight Players for 2012 include the following:

Alden Jonathan
Allen Mike
Baldree Mark
Beaman Jaime
Beck Julia
Beck III Joe
Bell Drew
Bendetti Joe
Bera Josh
Bhakta Manish
Black Gene
Boatner Logan
Brooklin  Bailey
Broussard Lee
Brunssen Vince
Bushover Stephen
Caldwell Trey
Carter Ben 
Castillo Stephen
Cersosimo Jack
Cook Jesso
Cooper Michael
Coutinho Rave
Creath Norris
Cristea Nicholas
DeMarco Pierce
Douglas Jan
Elbrecht Tyler
Ellis Alex
Evans Robert
Fell Hagen
Fellenz John
Ferchill Price
Ford Stewart
Frazier Robert
Gammill Tyler
Gilliland Sean
Goldwater Michael
Gomez Ben
Goodlett Wesley
Gustafson James
Hansard Hudson
Hartenstein Chris
Hawkes Jordan
Hinton Marshall
Holtzman Thomas
Howard Dan
Hutchens Craig
Hutchens Miles
Hyde Austin
Ibbogson Tim
Jeffers Johnny
Kaiser Aaron
King  Daniel
King  Kody
Landry Steve
Laudermilk Charlie
Long Jason
MacNeil Will
Martinez William
Matheson Scott
Mathis Joshua
McCalla Kevin
McCollum Clark
McWilliams Ripley
Minton Jeff
Moore Paul
Morris Bobby
Morris Trey
Mutschler Billy
Nolen Stratton
Noonan Brian
Ormand Johnny
Ormand Rob
Osgood Cade
Paterson Steve
Pearce Jason
Perez John
Perrine Matthew
Quiet Taylor
Redfern Brenden
Reynolds Peach
Reynolds Randy
Rust Dillion
Salazar Chris
Schalk Joey
Schmieding Steffan
Schonhar Todd
Schroeder Trey
Shanahan Patrick
Shephard Dylan
Shive Chris
Sholtis Austin 
Sigler Greg
Smith Michael
Sooch Kevin
Specjal Robert
Spring  Trevor
Strickland Trip
Stuart Seth
Sykes Bubba
Thorn Jerry
Trafton Steve
Underwood Snake
Underwood Tony
Unnasch Kyle
Vallejo Gabriel
Waldrip Daniel
Waldrip Ted
Walsh Larry
West  David
White  Charles Neal
Williams Justin
Winter Ben
Yanis  Theodore Jr.

 The Flighted Players include the following:

Allen Buddy
Allen David
Allen DJ
Alton Mary
Alton Randy
Bell Alan
Dever Bill
Durkin Sean F.
Evans Robert M.
Fuccello Frank
Fuccello John
Glaros Michael J.
Haynes Joe
Howard Robert
Jacoby Jeff
Koetter Ken
Lange Michael
Lovett Bob
Nichols Randy
Pratt Don
Reeves Wally
Shelley Hershall
Spotts Craig
Stevens David
Stewart Lane
Suescun Mauricio
Torres Rock
Welch Richard
Wood Steve


The qualifying results for the Championship Flight are listed in the links below.

2012 Firecracker 1st qualifier results

Firecracker June 16 Qualifying Results

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