Austin Country Club Captures 2012 Crenshaw Cup

The Crenshaw Cup, originally dubbed the Challenge Cup, has been played on and off over the past twelve years.  It is an club rivalary between Barton Creek Country Club and Austin Country Club.  The first event was an invitational that included players at all levels.  The event then morphed into a tournament for low handicap players and then went dormant for a period of time before being rejuvenated.  

The Crenshaw Cup is named in honor of Charles E. Crenshaw Sr., shown in this photo with Harvey Penick.  Charles Sr. is the father of Ben and Charlie Crenshaw.  Charles Sr. was a scratch player and a much beloved member of ACC for over 40 years.  He was a member of Barton Creek Club and a good friend to many of the members.  Most importantly, Charles Sr. was a gentleman whose integrity, sportsmanship, good humor and kindness were well known to all.  He was a role model for many people.  

The Men's Golf Associations at Barton Creek Country Club and Austin Country Club determine the qualifying criteria for their players and the field currently envolves players at all levels. Qualifying events are held and spots on the team are earned either through qualfying rounds or having won the club championship or senior club championship.

Here are the players who participated in the 2012 Crenshaw Cup and a list of their handicap indexes.

This year's matches were held at Austin Country Club, where the host club prevailed.  As competitive as the matches are, the overall spirit of the event is a combination of competition and camraderie as players from the respective clubs have the chance to meet new friends, enjoy some good golf and a few meals together.    Here is a photo of the final scoreboard from this years event. You can click on the image to enlarge it and use the back button to return to this posting.

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