Harvey Penick Timeline and World Hall of Fame Documents

During the recently completed 75th annual Harvey Penick Invitational, players were given packets with information about the tournament.  Aside from the normal schedule of events, rules sheets and list of participants, there were two documents that gave a bit of history about Harvey Penick.  These documents provide insight as to why Mr. Penick is held is such esteem, why he is important to the history of golf in Austin, the University of Texas and beyond.  It also explains why people like tournament chairman Rod Harris and members of the Austin Country Club have made the effort to enhance the tournament and honor it's history and tradition.   The information is shown below. 

Click on the timeline and then go enlarge it to full screen size to facilitate reading the document.  Click on the return button to return to the posting.  Do the same for the World Golf Hall of Fame story. Enjoy reading about this special man and his role in golf.

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