Austinites in Australia

Ginny Brown and David Holmes are in Australia pursuing their professional golfing aspirations.  Ginny is a graduate from Westlake High School in Austin where she played golf for the Chaps.  She met David at the University of Tennesse where both played on the golf teams.  They subsequently became boyfriend and girlfriend and, after graduation from college, have been pursuing professional golf. Their latest adventure has taken them to Australia. 

They begin in Sydney, Australia and go from there.  So far, the trip has included Australia's beaches, some kangaroos, cricket matches, the wine country and some golf.  They are posting stories and photos of their adventure in Australia on their blog at

They invite you to share in their adventure and learn a little about Australia.  You can make comments on their blog and follow their travels.  Check it out, it is interesting and will provide a means of communicating with them.

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