Firecracker Qualifier 2 Results

DSC03137The Firecracker Qualifier 2 took place on Monday, June 20th at Lions Municipal Golf Course.  There were 41 spots available.  In what has become an increasingly competitive field, it took 73 or better to secure one of the coveted spots in the second qualifier.

The first qualifier, held on June the 18th, took a score of 74 or better to qualify.  Along with those that qualified, there is a group of exempt players that complete the field.

Tony Frey, William Martinez, Joe Santori

Tony Frey, William Martinez, Joe Santori

It is truly interesting that a local golf tournament can attract a field of such high quality players that include the best mid-amateurs from the local area as well as collegiate, high school players and mid-amateurs from across the state as well as a few out of state players.  And this is on a golf course that is very short by modern standards.  What is it that motivates this level of interest and support?

DSC03139Several factors are obvious attractions to play in the Firecracker Open.  It has a great history and tradition.  Ben Crenshaw, Tom Kite, Omar Uristi won this event and went on to have successful careers in professional golf.  The list of winners spans decades of the best players in Austin Amateur golf.  Names like Puett, McCall, Kruger, Gainer, Rhodes, Nelle, Clagett, Wilson, Cooper, Noonan and many others grace the trophy.

In recent years the names are younger and represent collegiate players from Austin such as Straton Nolen, who recently won the Big Twelve Individual Championship.  Defending champion Nick Cristea has also won the Harvey Penick and other local titles. The story lines are many and varied and everyone in the field is capable of contending for the title.

Add to that the fact that the University of Texas System has indicated that it will not renew the lease for Lions Muny after 2019 and there is an added sense of urgency to playing in the tournament.

Another attractive factor is that the field has been reduced to a more manageable number of players who are paired in threesomes at ten minute intervals.  That, coupled with the quality of the field, has resulted in an average of four hour rounds.  Practically unheard of in competition these days.

And on top of all this, it is a social reunion of the golfing community and all their families and friends.

All in all, why would you not want to play in the Firecracker Open.

The full field results of the second qualifier are shown below.

Pos Player +/- Thru Total
T1 Tristan Stalker -5 F 66
T1 Matthew Stewart -5 F 66
T1 Tucker Tovar -5 F 66
T4 Jake Hendrix -4 F 67
T4 Tyler Gammill -4 F 67
T4 Clark McCollum -4 F 67
T4 Jerry Thorn -4 F 67
T8 David Collura -2 F 69
T8 Cade Osgood -2 F 69
T8 Cameron Quinn -2 F 69
T11 Hudson Ross -1 F 70
T11 Thomas Holtzman -1 F 70
T11 Zach Daroowala -1 F 70
T11 Devon McCarley -1 F 70
T15 Trey Gillingwater Gillingwater E F 71
T15 Payne Wilkie E F 71
T15 Matt Riley E F 71
T15 Steve Landry E F 71
T15 Luke Condon E F 71
T15 Jon Roseberry E F 71
T15 Mitchell Griffin E F 71
T15 Ripley McWilliams E F 71
T15 Gabriel Vallejo E F 71
T24 Trevor Spring +1 F 72
T24 Allan Vigil +1 F 72
T24 Jackson Ingraham +1 F 72
T24 Austin Cotton +1 F 72
T24 Drew Bell +1 F 72
T24 Gavin Moreland +1 F 72
T24 Zack Threet +1 F 72
T24 Redmond Lyons +1 F 72
T24 Bruce Rawlings +1 F 72
T24 Elliott Reese +1 F 72
T34 Jeff Williams +2 F 73
T34 Jimmy Hughes +2 F 73
T34 Winn Smith +2 F 73
T34 Price Ferchill +2 F 73
T34 Eric Garza +2 F 73
T34 Mark Baldree +2 F 73
T34 Matt Smith +2 F 73
T34 Michael Short +2 F 73
T34 Pj Collier +2 F 73
T34 Andrew McLean +2 F 73
MC Robert Beckley +3
MC Jermaine Rakoczy +3
MC Rob Ormand +3
MC Alexandra Rossi +3
MC Myron Jordahl +3
MC Trey Morris +3
MC John Pena +3
MC Calvin Dennison +3
MC William Martinez +3
MC Christopher Chappell +3
MC Michael Mullins +3
MC Ryan Mejia +4
MC Daniel Yznaga +4
MC Dub Goodlett +4
MC Marco Palacios +4
MC Jack Chavarria +4
MC Chris Seidman +4
MC Jason Osborne +4
MC Joshua Buckner +5
MC Ben Osgood +5
MC Scotty Wilson +5
MC Steven Eckelman +5
MC Joe Beck III +5
MC Mike Grindle +5
MC Tyler Fanning +5
MC Ben Winter +5
MC James Ellison +5
MC Tom Frey +5
MC Brian Davis +5
MC Lorenzo De Paolis +5
MC Clas Olsson +6
MC Connor Black +6
MC Matthew Milliken +6
MC Marc Carrizales +6
MC Gerry Diaz +6
MC Christopher Vargas +6
MC Brent Benites +6
MC Chris Bielss +6
MC John Mansour +6
MC Matthew Toming +6
MC Philip Roush +7
MC Thomas Kowalski +7
MC Andrew Liu +7
MC Shannon Vargas +7
MC John Cowart +8
MC Chandler Roberts +8
MC Harold Carter +8
MC Bill Sill +8
MC Jason Protass +8
MC Chavelo Galvan +9
MC Shay Killpack +9
MC Carlos Bradley +9
MC Alex Lauzon +9
MC Monte Glosson +10
MC Christopher Miller +10
MC Sam Powers +10
MC Justin Gilg +10
MC Jacob Felder +11
MC Bjorn Sunde +11
MC Josh Amador +12
MC Kirk Wilkie +13
MC Joshua Belisle +14
MC Justin Montemayor +15
MC Truman Morris +15
MC Joe Booth +15
MC Ian Saunders +15
MC Francis Santori +16
MC Jack Winters +16
MC Royce Ching +18
MC Orlando Guerra +18
MC John Haynsworth +18
MC Palmer Smith +20
MC Jeff Stringer +20
MC Jonathan Jones +22
MC Jordan McCullough +27
MC Kory Garza +30
MC Richard Lawlor +31
DQ Snake Underwood
DQ Timothy Deck
DQ Raleigh Kelley
DQ Ben McMullin
DQ Chandler Otto
DQ Jimmy Hebert
DQ Craig Hutchens
DQ Hughes Holland
DQ Dominick Haskins
DQ Nathan Fuchs
DQ Justin Ruiz
DQ Josh Johnson
DQ John Wasley
JWD Jason Stoddard
JWD Joey Mactal
JWD Noah Aossey
JWD Hunter Glenn
JWD Josh Swanson


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