Mission, Vision and Values Statement for GolfAustin.Org

Mission Statement

Golf Austin is dedicated to organizing and promoting the growth of the game of golf in Austin, supporting the values inherent in the game of golf, and honoring the legacy of golfing traditions in Austin.

Vision Statement

Our vision is for the community to be well informed about the golf opportunities such as :
Competitions*                           Introduction to Golf                       Golf Courses*
Instructors                                 Travel                                            Volunteerism
Instructional Programs              Golf Organizations                         High School Golf* 
Junior Golf                               Youth Scholarships                         Handicaps
Social Events*                          League Play                                    Agronomy
Equipment                                Golf History                                   Internships
How to get involved*

Values Statement

We value:

The Game of Golf:   learning and playing the game of golf while honoring it’s best characteristics and traditions

The Golfing Community – People with a shared interest in the game of golf

Fairness: Promoting civility, decency and equality through the game of golf

Excellence: Pursuing the highest level of performance in all golf related activities

Opportunity:  Creating opportunities by promoting all golf related activities













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