Men’s Golf Associations

Austin Amateur Golf (AAG)
Founded in 2007, Austin Amateur Golf has provided a points and ranking system that encompasses local, state, and national events.  It has added an extra dimension to the Austin amateur golf community and been well received.   Through volunteer efforts AAG has provided a website and another avenue to provide excitement and cohesiveness in the austin golfing community.  It has now filed for 501(c) (3) status, added a womens points ranking, and is accepting memberships to support their website.

Austin Golf Association (AGA)
P.O. Box 2624
Austin, TX  78768
Ph. 512-961-8558
The Austin Golf Association (AGA) is the oldest and largest public golf association in Central Texas. It is a social organization whose sole objective is to hold tournaments for its members in the Austin area. The AGA provides a friendly golf environment for all-level competitive players who enjoy friendly competition with other players of similar abilities regardless of gender or age.  We have players of all skill levels (men and women) from scratch golfers to 30+ handicaps. The AGA was started about 1940, and originally had only one tournament each year. Currently, we have over 160 members and play a tournament approximately every other week. Tournaments usually consist of 50-60 payers organized in 4-5 flights based on handicaps.

Austin Senior Golf Association (ASGA)

Central Texas Golf Association (CTGA)
Interested golfers can contact CTGA in any of the following ways: : Organization email address : Eddie Nunez,  Tournament Director
512-797-0566 : Eddie Nunez, Tournament Director

Pan American Golf Association (PAGA)

River City Golf Association (RCGA)
Ph. 512-442-497
Email:, Mark Terranella

State Employees Golf Association (SEGA)
The Texas State Employees Golf Association, SEGA, is an organization of primarily active/retired Texas State Employees and families who enjoy competitive golf.  Once a member, always a member, as long as you stay current (dues) and active.

Website and more information (including scheduled tournaments):

Texas State Golf Association (TXGA)

2909 Cole Avenue, Ste. 305
Dallas, TX  75204
Ph. 214-468-8942


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