Our Golfing Community

Our Golfing Community is broad and deep.  It consists of the golfers in our community and everyone who supports the game of golf.  Think about what it takes for you to play a round of golf.

Someone built a golf course and someone is maintaining the grounds of the golf course and all the equipment it takes to manage those greens, fairways, sprinkler systems, cart paths, ground under repair and so on.   A  greenskeeper  and his staff work to keep the greens and fairways healthy and playable for your golfing pleasure.

Someone took your tee time and keeps the traffic on the golf course moving from the first tee to the final hole.  They make sure the golf carts are maintained and available for your use.

Someone sold you a set of golf clubs or you borrowed a set or rented a set at the course.  The people who support the golfing community in terms of making golfing merchandise available are numerous.  They sell golf clubs, balls, shoes, golf carts, hats, shirts, pants, windbreakers, weather suits, umbrellas, yardage devices, and the list goes on.

Perhaps in preparation for your round you recently had a lesson from one of the local PGA teaching professionals or , more likely,  during your round you realize you probably should take some lessons to increase the enjoyment of your golfing experience.

If you participated in a tournament, someone provided the results of that tournament to the interested parties, perhaps the local paper or on a website.

During your round of golf you might have been paired with someone you’ve never met and as a result had the opportunity to make a new friend.  Or perhaps you had the pleasure of enjoying the company of a playing companion you’ve had for years.

You probably had the opportunity to interact with the staff at the golf course who provided you with a beverage or friendly chatter about your round.

The point of all this is simply to say that golf is a communal activity and we have a great golfing community that consists of all kinds of people.  They all play a part in making this a vibrant golfing community and they are all important to the community as a whole and as a golfing community.

The intent of Golf Austin is to tell their story and facilitate their golfing endeavors, either as golfers or as part of the larger golfing community.


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