Barbara Puett is half of the most accomplished golfing couple in Austin History.  Between her herself and her husband Roane,  they have won 11 Austin City Championships.

Barbara Puett is a six time Womens Austin City Championship winner.  She was the dominant womens player in Austin in the 1960's, winning the champtionship in 1961, 62,63, and 65.  She took a break for about 10 years while raising a family.  She has won several other titles to accompany her city champtionships, including a state public links title, and some invitiational tournaments in Texas. 

In addition to playing the game of golf, Barbara has written extensively about it.  Her works include numerous articles and a book on golf etiquette and a book on women's golf.   You can find a sample of articles she has written as well as articles written about her at 

Golf Instruction is another area of Barbara's expertise.  Having learned the game from Harvey Penick, she has incorporated much of his instructional wisdom into her teaching.  She's taught the informal Golf Classes at the University of Texas for years and has taught hundreds of students about the basics of the game in the course of teaching those classes. You can get an overview of her teaching activities at her at Barbara Puett Golf.

For a forturnate few, she was the golf coach at Lamar Junior High school, where her golf teams included Tom Kite, Mike Allen, Richard Buratti, Chuck Munson, Jimmy Kirchner and others. 

Barbara Puett has contributed to the Austin golfing community for over 40 years and has made friends all along the way.  She is truly part of the history of Golf in Austin.

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