George Hannon

George Hannon has contributed to the Austin golfing community in so many ways it’s hard to account for all his accomplishments.  He was the head professional at Lions Municipal Golf Course as well as Morris Williams.  He co-founded the Austin Junior Golf Academy and he coached the golf team at the University of Texas at Austin.  He continues to teach and has made significant contributions to the careers golf professionals.  He was inducted into the Texas Golf Hall Of Fame.

  • 1924: Born in Kemp, TX
  • 1942: Enrolled in UT, education was cut short when he joined the Army Air Corp serving in the Pacific Theatre.
  • 1945 reenrolled in UT and began working as a starter at Lions G.C.
  • 1950-1960: Head Professional in Breckenridge, TX; Head Professional at Marshall C.C.; Assistant Professional at Dallas Athletic Club where he also had an opportunity to work with the SMU Men’s Golf Team.
  • 1961 Head Professional at Lions G.C., where he helped start the City of Austin Junior Golf Academy with Joe Balendar.
  • 1963 Named Men’s Golf Coach at the University of Texas
  • 1964 First Head Professional at Morris Williams G.C.
  • Teams won nine Southwest Conference Championships
  • 1971 Team won the NCAA National Championship and Ben Crenshaw won the Individual Championship
  • 1972 Team defended its title winning the NCAA Championship, Ben Crenshaw and Tom Kite were co-medalist.
  • Past President of the Southern Texas PGA
  • Certified Rules Official
  • 1982 Inducted into the Golf Coaches Hall of Fame
  • Member of the Texas Golf Hall of Fame
  • 1987 named Honorary Member of the University of Texas’ “T Association.”
  • 1989 selected for the Longhorn Hall of Honor
  • Member of the Chancellor’s Council at UT
  • 1995 received the Digger Smith Award from the American Junior Golf Association
  • 2001 Golf Coaches Association in conjunction with the College Golf Foundation presented “Coach” with the Lifetime Achievement Award, their highest honor.
  • Honored in the Texas House of Representatives with a special resolution by Representative Edmund Kuempel.
  •   Currently teaching at the University of Texas Golf Club

The Hannon Cup Association 

In 1997, a group of Austin golfers had the idea to honor their friend and mentor George Hannon. George had recently retired from his Head Golf Professional duties at Morris Williams Golf Course and had retired as Golf Coach at the University of Texas some years earlier.

Mark Coward, then Head Professional at Great Hills C.C. and Brent Buckman, then Director of Golf at Barton Creek C.C. were instrumental in conceiving the idea and in organizing and forming the initial committee. Thus the Hannon Cup was born – the Austin golf community’s way of honoring the “Coach.”

The Ryder Cup like format was selected for the competition with the top 14 Austin metro area golf professionals playing against the top 14 male amateurs. Each team is headed by a selected captain who in turn chooses his team. The yearly competition has been a testament to “Coach,” filled with excitement, fellowship and “true grit.”

Support for the event was provided by a group of individuals and businesses that became known as the Hannon Society. Proceeds from their efforts were initially used to support the University of Texas George Hannon Scholarship Fund. This fund was fully endowed with the help of additional contributions from the Barton Creek Men’s Golf Association. In 2003, the Hannon Cup was upgraded to an official 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and was renamed the Hannon Cup Association. The Association is governed by a Steering Committee of 13 individuals and advised by Coach Hannon. Over the years, the Association has evolved from a one event, single purpose entity to a major contributor to growth of the game initiatives in central Texas.

To date the Association has distributed over $80,000 worth of secondary education scholarships through the Southern Texas PGA Foundation. In August of 2010, the Association hosted the Second Annual George Hannon Junior Invitational at the UT Golf Club. The event, managed by the Texas Legends Junior Tour is one of the premier junior golf tournaments in the state. The City of Austin Junior Golf Academy and The First Tee of Greater Austin are also beneficiaries of the Associations fundraising efforts. In 2010, the Association introduced a new scholarship program honoring long time amateur golfer Billy Clagett. For every junior golfer in central Texas who qualifies for a USGA national event the Hannon Cup Association will provide a $500 stipend to help with travel costs.

Hannon Cup Matches

Started in 1997, the Ryder Cup format event is played as a tribute to Coach Hannon. The brain child of Mark Coward, then Head Professional at Great Hills Country Club and Brent Buckman, then Director of Golf at Barton Creek Country Club and Resort. The event served as a testament to Coach, filled with strong competition, fellowship and fun.

The event is comprised of two teams of 14 players. The teams play three 18 hole match play events over two days, earning points for their team with each win or tie. One team represents the top golf professionals and the second team represents the top male amateurs in the Austin metro area.

Past Results Score Amateurs/Captain Score Professionals/Captain Venue
2010 13 Tim Wilson 15 Bill Moretti Austin C.C.
2009 14.5 Grady Bruce 13.5 Greg Garner Spanish Oaks G.C.
2008 15.5 Michael Cooper 12.5 Steve Termeer Spanish Oaks G.C.
2007 10.5 Jimbo Cotton 17.5 Brian Dees Spanish Oaks G.C.
2006 5 Lance Hughes 23 Henrik Simonsen Spanish Oaks G.C.
2005 15.5 Greg Meserole 12.5 Chip Gist UT G.C.
2004 16.5 Robert McDonald 11.5 Jimmy Terry Spanish Oaks G.C.
2003 15.5 Ken Redfern 12.5 Joe Beck Spanish Oaks G.C.
2002 12 Wayne Smith 16 Dale Morgan Spanish Oaks G.C.
2001 14.5 Chuck Gardner 13.5 Glenn Lee Great Hills C.C.
2000 15 Jon McDonald 13 Steve Termeer Colo Vista C.C.
1999 16 Mike Allen 12 Chuck Cook Austin C.C.
1998 12.5 Billy Clagett 15.5 Brent Buckman Barton Creek C.C.
1997 5.5 John Pigg 8.5 Mark Coward Barton Creek C.C.
Total Wins: 8 6


Amateur Individual Records

Allen Mike 3-5-1
Archilles Jerry 1-2-0
Arzola Ricky 8-6-4
Baldree Mark 6-9-0
Barrera Ralph 3-5-0
Beaman Jaime 2-1-0
Bedillion Mark 1-1-1
Bendetti Joe 4-2-0
Bench Kevin 6-3-2
Black Gene 3-3-0
Board Marty 3-2-1
Board Michael 0-3-0
Bohls Rex 0-3-0
Brauner Chris 3-1-2
Bright Steven 5-4-0
Brooks Ed 4-4-0
Bruce Dr. Grady 8-6-1
Brunssen Vince 2-1-0
Chamblee Brandel DNP
Carr Chesley 2-1-0
Claggett Billy 15-11-3
Cooper Michael 14-10-3
Cotton Jim
Cristea Nicholas 2-1-0
Cromwell William 0-3-0
Dickerson Bob 4-1-3
Englander Woody 10-7-1
Gardner Chuck 7-5-0
Goode John 0-3-0
Gorbell Rick 4-9-0
Greenwood Cameron 1-2-0
Hartenstein Chris 4-1-1
Hickerson Neil 5-3-1
Hughes Lance
Kellam Jamie 4-2-0
Kilby Ron 7-11-3
Legg Jay 0-2-1
Lundquist Dean 6-11-4
Martin Greg 2-0-1
Martinez Ed 0-1-2
Mase Bob 1-5-0
McDonald, III Robert 1-1-1
McEntire Mark 3-2-1
McWilliams Ripley 2-1-0
Meserole Greg 7-11-5
Moore Paul 0-2-1
Morris Bobby 1-2-0
Ormand Rob 0-3-0
Owen Trey 4-4-1
Patterson Steve 8-7-0
Perez John 2-1-0
Pfaff Tony 0-3-0
Pigg John 15-16-4
Pitifer Tony 1-2-0
Redfern Ken 6-13-4
Roberts David 0-3-0
Sanchez Cuauhtemoc 1-2-0
Shell Jeff 0-2-1
Smith Wayne 6-9-2
Stewart Chip 1-2-1
Tanner Bill 0-2-1
Tidwell Tyson 2-0-1
Thomas Phil 3-3-0
Thompson Rodney 2-1-0
Thomson Chip 1-3-1
Trafton Steve 11-11-4
Vescovo Phillip 2-1-0
Walsh Larry 1-2-0
Wernecke Matt 0-3-0
Wille Jep 0-2-0
Wilson Tim 4-2-0
Zinnecker Deron 4-1-1

Professional Individual Records

Alexander Lonny 12-6-0
Arnett Rick 16-17-5
Bates Pat 2-1-0
Beck Joe 13-11-3
Beem Rich 3-0-0
Beltz Michael 8-3-3
Buckman Brent 12-9-3
Chancellor Warren 0-3-0
Cook Chuck 10-5-2
Coward Mark 4-4-0
Cromwell Ryan 1-1-1
Crysler Ryan 6-5-1
Dees Brian 2007 Captain
Dobyns Matt 3-0-0
Edwards Kyle 3-3-0
Fults Joel 2-0-0
Garner Greg 3-3-0
Gist Chip 7-7-1
Green Darron 3-3-0
Hardwick David 1-1-1
Edwards Kyle 1-2-0
Horner Jesse 4-2-0
Jenkins Tom 4-1-0
Jerome Kyle 8-5-2
Kaplar Jeff 1-2-0
Kielman Kirby 6-1-1
Klement Mark 7-8-0
Lardon Brad 8-5-2
Lee Glenn 4-8-3
Lundquist Keith 6-3-2
Marburger Phillip 7-8-3
Marini Brian 3-0-3
Massengale Rick 0-3-0
Mayer Buck 0-3-0
McDonough Moore 2-3-1
Miranda Phillip 12-9-5
Minicucci Mike 5-3-1
Mocniak Mike 3-0-0
Morgan Dale 7-12-1
Oates Tim 1-2-0
Ogilvie Joe 3-0-0
Patdgett Zach 1-2-0
Preisler David 0-2-1
Rippy Gary 4-4-1
Rudd Charlie 0-2-1
Shevlin Mike 6-5-0
Short, Jr. Wes 3-0-0
Simonsen Henrik 8-6-4
Skaggs Wes 5-7-0
Smith Greg 0-1-1
Smith Jerry 0-2-1
Sosa John 5-7-1
Soule Ted 3-0-0
Stolhand Denny 1-2-0
Strohman Shawn 0-3-0
Termeer Steve 12-19-4
Uresti Omar 5-1-0
Von Hoffman David 3-6-0
Veriato Steve 7-3-2
Williams Marty 3-3-0
Wooley Alan 2-1-0



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