The City of Austin Junior Golf Academy

The Austin Jr. Golf Academy was formed in the late 1960's by Coach Hannon, Lloyd Morrison and Joe Balander. It was originally designed to reach out and introduce the game to all of the youth in the Greater Austin Area. Held at Zilker Park until the 1980's, the Academy developed thousands of golfers with hands on professional instruction from the areas finest golf professionals. Currently, the Academy is held at Hancock Golf Course and is operated under the Austin Public Links umbrella. It hosts over 430 kids each year and teaches all facets of the game from full swings all the way to rules and etiquette. The Hannon Cup Association has been a sponsor organization since 2001 donating thousands of dollars that have been used on capital improvements, equipment upgrades, and most importantly providing scholarships to those with financial need to attend the Academy. For more information about the City of Austin Junior Golf Academy please visit

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