2011 Hannon Cup Matches

The Professional team triumphed over the amateur team 15 1/2 to 12 1/2 in the 2011 Hannon Cup Matches.  The professionals moved into the lead on the first day of play by winning five points in the fourball matches while the amateurs could only win two points.  That afternoon, the foursomes matches were split evenly with both teams winning 3 1/2 points.  On Tuesday, the singles matches resulted in seven points for the professionals and seven points for the amateurs.   (Click on any photo to enlarge it, then use the back button to return to the story)

The victory for the professionals gives them their seventh victory in 15 years, while the amateur teams have collected eight Hannon Cup titles.   John Pigg, captain for the amateur team, presented Brent Buckman, captain for the professional team with the trophy.  

The staff at the University of Texas Golf Club were praised by all the competitors and participants for their friendly, professional and excellent service and the manner in which the matches were conducted.  The Austin PAR rules group officiated and facilitated play by being on the spot when questions arose.   

The weather for the event was perfect and the course conditions were excellent. The quality of play was very high and the golf course was challenging, particularly the putting.  The Tiff/Eagle greens at the U.T. Club were in excellent condition and judged to be rolling about  11  on the stipm meter.  Combined with the slopes on the greens and the subtle breaks, the putting was demanding. 

After the matches, the team captains and their assistants spoke to the players about the mission of the Hannon Cup Association and the importance of being involved in supporting the junior golf activities in the Austin area.  Many of the participants have had long standing friendships with Coach George Hannon and have been active participants in the golfing community and the Hannon Society for many years. 

Assistant Coaches for the amateur team, Billy Clagett and Greg Meserole offered their encouragement in continuing the traditions of the Hannon Cup Association and its scholarship programs, support for the Austin Junior Golf Academy as well as the Hannon Cup Matches.

Coach George Hannon was present at the matches and enjoyed the golf as well as seeing friends and renewing relationships. He was accompanied by his wife Jo, as well as Joe Black who was the guest speaker at the opening ceremonies.  Coach has a special place in the hearts of many golfers in the Austin and Texas golf communities. 

Although the amateurs did not triumph this year, they enjoyed the competition, the chance to meet new competitors on the professional team, the excellent play of their teammates and competitors as well as being involved in such a quality event.   

Shown below are the final results as displayed on the scoreboard.  Scores notated in red indicate the Professional team won the match while scores noted in plack indicate the amateurs won the match.  Matches that were halved are indicated in both colors.

Fourball matches

Foursomes Matches

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