Healy Finishes 2nd in 2012 Central Texas Women’s Amateur Championship

In the rain-shortend 34 hole 2012 Central Texas Women's Amateur at Avery Ranch Golf Club on  July 14-15, Meg Healy of Austin finished 2nd behind Marian Barker of Lubbock Country Club, who successfully defended her title.  Barker, who won the 2011 title by a substantial margin, had  to face better competition and won by a single stroke over Meg Healy, a recent Westlake graduate.  Robin Burke, wife of the Masters Champion Jackie Burke finished 3rd.  See the full field scores below.

Here's a link to the pictures taken on Saturday:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/longhorn1/sets/72157630581149644/
And on Sunday:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/longhorn1/sets/72157630596373716/

Championship Flight(shortened to 34 holes due to inclement weather)

    Score     Player                                                                                 Place

      134       Barker, Marian (Lubbock CC)                                                Champion                    $175

      135       Healy, Meg (Austin Country Club)                                          Runner Up                    $155

      137       Burke, Robin (Champions Golf Club)                                     3rd Place                     $135

      138       Schultz, Anna (The Honors Golf Club)                                    4th Place                     $115

      140       Dennis, Stacy (Elkins Lake CC)                                             5th Place                     $ 95

      141       Bryant, Bresha (Morris Williams GC)                                      Tied-6th Place              $ 75

      141       Henry, Leslie (Brookhaven CC)                                              Tied-6th Place              $ 75

      142       Slagle, Taylor (The Honors Golf Club of Dallas)                     8th Place                     $ 60

      144       Morales, Anna (Austin CC)                                                    9th Place                     $ 50

      145       Scaggs, Liz (Brookhaven CC)                                               10th Place                    $ 40

      147       Henry, Leslie (Memorial Park Golf Course)

      147       Veriato, Karen (Clay/Kizer GC)

      148       Malick, Jewell (The Honors Golf Club)

      149       Kromar, Nancy (Morris Williams GC)

      149       Summers, Marlene (Bentwater CC)

      150       Clay, Camille (Balcones CC)

      150       Keller, Haley (River Place CC)

      150       Moake, Meghan (Braeburn CC)

      151       Davis, Sharon (Lions Municipal GC)

      152       Gilkeson, Cindy (Riverbend CC)

      152       Lipton, Christina (River Place Country Club)

      152       Turnage, Carol (Stonebridge Ranch CC)

      153       Cleckler, Beth (Morris Williams GC)

      157       Rutherford, Laurie (Walden on Lake Conroe)

      159       Wilson, Janelle (Morris Williams GC)

      DQ       Aleshire, Christa (Brookhaven CC)

      DQ       Beck, Nancy (Brook Hollow Golf Club)

      DQ       Biehler, Lindsay (Harvey Penick GC)

      DQ       Bowman, Sally (Grey Rock Golf Club)


2012 Central Texas Women's Amateur

Avery Ranch Golf Club, Austin

First Flight

    Score     Player                                                                                 Place

      153       Campbell, Mitzi (Brookhaven CC)                                          Winner            $135

      155       Henry, Diane (Riverhill CC)                                                    2nd Place        $ 95

      162       Malveaux, Deborah (Brookhaven CC)                                    3rd Place         $ 60

      164       Ghio, Betty (Braeburn/Redstone CC)                                     4th Place         $ 35

      167       Davis, Joanna (Cimarron Hills CC)

      169       Anderson, Sue (Grey Rock Golf Club)

      171       DeVilliers, Sara (Hearthstone CC)

      172       Morris, Lydia (Bentwater CC)

      176       Keaghey, Judy (Giddings Municipal Golf Course)

      176       Senkbeil, Debbie (Walden on Lake Conroe)

      179       Riddle, Shari (Balcones CC)


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