Morris Williams Rennovation Update

This is a view of the new Morris Williams Clubhouse currently under construction. In the foreground is the putting green, which is in good condition and ready to use.   This photo is about two weeks old and progress has been made this this photo was taken.  Crews are working on the interior and exterior of the building and you can track the progress as pictures are posted to the Austin Public Links facebook page.  Link here to that facebook page.  As is typical of building projects in Austin, there have been lots of challenges and progress is slower than desired.

Conversations with Kevin Gomillion indicate that the opening date is going to be mid January.  They are roping off a few areas to permantly prevent cart  traffic in some areas that have been problematic for growing grass throughout the history of the course, such as to the right of #10, and the area between 16 & 17. They are currently mowing, top dressing, leveled out some spots and fighting effects of rain washouts such as #11 fairway.   

When the course opens, the grass will be dormant so the predominant color of the course will brown because there will be no overseeding on any of the course.  Gomillion indicated the greens are great but the course will need another couple of months of growing season to be fully covered.  He estimates it will be June or July before that happens.   

His advice is to play the ball up and enjoy it design changes and good greens.  

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