2012 Women’s Texas Cup – Results, Photos, and Player Profiles

The 21 Women's Texas Cup was held November 4-6 at Onion Creek Country Club in Austin, Texas.  The competition featured a team from North Texas against a team from South Texas in a Ryder Cup format with four-ball and foursomes matches on Monday and singles matches on Tuesday.  Both teams celebrated the competition as new friendships were forged, previous friendships were renewed and the splendor of a good golf course in perfect fall weather was enjoyed by players and spectators alike.  

The teams are shown here with the North team in white and the South team in Red. (Click on the photo to enlarge it, then use the back arrow to return to the post.) See the photo album for the Women's Texas Cup at this link.

Over two days of hard fought matches, The North emerged victorious over the South 14 1/2 to 9 1/2 .  After the first day of four-ball and foursomes, the North led a 7-5 going into the singles matches.  The South was unable to overcome the deficit in the singles matches, which the North won 7 1/2 to 4 1/2, resulting in the final total of 14 1/2 to 9 1/2 in favor of the North.  The scores are detailed below. 

The event showcased the talent of Texas women golfers who had qualified to compete on the teams. The field included several USGA Women's Senior Amateur Champions, Texas Women's Amateur Champions, USGA Mid-Amateur finalists, Big 12 all-conference team members, former LPGA and Futures Tour players, collegiate players from prestigious golf programs around the country, city champions, club champions and more. Browse the player profiles for these teams along with some history of the Women's Texas Cup and more in the media guide.  Click on this link

To make either of these teams, a player must qualify.  The process varies slightly between the north and south regions but you can  Click here to review the criteria for the south and get an idea of what it would take to make the team.

Of note to Austin readers is that the south team was captained by Steve and Karen Variato, who have long been associated with the Women's Texas Cup.  Steve is a former PGA and Champions tour player who has resided in the Austin area for a long time.  Karen has supported this event through most of its history.

From the perspective of GolfAustin.Org, this event was a quality event that deserves more attention by the media and we encourage readers to forward this information to anyone who might be interested in qualifying for these teams or to media outlets that could increase the awareness of women golfers in Texas. You can do so by sending this link to interested parties. You can also follow GolfAustin.Org stories on Facebook or Twitter.

Pts South Players Score North Players Pts
  Dennis / Alexander 2up Barker / Scaggs 1
1 Nittoli / Moake 3&1 Creekmore / Martin  
  Bryant / Rutherford 1up Beck / Chambless 1
1 Hardy / Summers 1up Smith / Henry  
  Morales / Crites 1up W-Levy / Aleshire 1
  Surber / Murphy 2&1 Schultz / Malick 1
2               4
Pts South Players Score North Players Pts
1 Nittoli / Moake 5&4 Barker / Scaggs  
1 Dennis / Alexander 1up Beck / Chambless  
  Hardy / Summers 1up Smith / Martin 1
1 Surber / Murphy 1up W-Levy / Aleshire  
  Morales / Crites 5&4 Schultz / Malick 1
  Bryant / Rutherford 2&1 Creekmore / Henry 1
3               3


Pts South Players Score North Players Pts
0.5 Stacy Dennis   Rachel Smith 0.5
0.5 Kelley  Nittoli   Anna Schultz 0.5
0.5 Marilyn Hardy   Marian  Barker 0.5
  Bresha  Bryant 5&4 Carolyn Creekmore 1
1 Jessica  Surber 3&2 Liz Scaggs  
1 Lecia  Alexander 3&2 Coley Chambless  
  Meghan  Moake 4&3 Carol Martin 1
  Karen Murphy 4&2 Elisabet W-Levy 1
1 Launa  Crites 2up Christa Aleshire  
  Marlene Summers 1up Nancy Beck 1
  Laurie Rutherford 6&5 Jewel  Malick 1
  Anna  Morales 3&2 Leslie Henry 1
4.5 Singles Total       Singles Total 7.5
2 Four Ball Total       Four Ball Total 4
3 Foursomes Total       Foursomes Total 3
9.5 TOTAL Points       TOTAL Points 14.5






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