Golf Austin.Org Seeks Your Input

This is an invitation to share golf related information with the Austin golfing community. 

If you read the GolfAustin.Org mission, vision, and values statement you will see our purpose is to promote golf in Austin and build a sense of community.  We do this by sharing information about the golf activities taking place in Austin and surrounding areas.  This normally takes the form of a story posted on the website or posts to Facebook or Twitter.

We also list golf facilities, courses, instructors, tournament schedules, non-profit or charity events, follow Austin based college players and professionals.  Browse the website if you have not done so.

Since GolfAustin.Org consists of volunteers who all have lives of their own and are not compensated for their time, one of the problems is that we can't be all places at all times. 

Here is where you can help build our golfing community.

If you are a parent of a high school or college player and a golf related event takes place that you think is worth sharing with the golfing community, use your phone to take a picture and send it to GolfAustin.Org along with enough information to create a posting on the website.  This could be a story about a tournament, a player receiving a scholarship to play college golf or anything that you think is significant enough to share with the golfing community.

If you are a golf course operator or golfing facility that has an event which need promotion, send us some information.  We have a tournament calendar, a non-profit or charity related event golf calender and in some cases can provide software to help you host tournaments.  While we are not an advertising medium per se, we will help you promote tournaments or worthwhile events taking place at your facility by posting information on our website.

If you know what Austin area high school players are playing college golf and have updates to our "Where are They Now" section, please send us that information so we can help track our collegiate players.  If they do well in a tournament let us know and send us a link to where we can find more information about the event. We can create a post about their success.

We are interested in all golfers, men, women, juniors, seniors etc.

If you are a golfer and would like to contribute a golf related human interest story please consider doing so.  It can be about a local golfer, a maintenance worker at one of the courses, a teaching professional that has helped your game, design features of one of the courses, rules situations. fitness tips or anything that would be of interest to the golfing public  Feel free to send a story to us.

If you have a sense of golf history in Austin, take a look at our Austin Golf History and Personal Profiles under the "About" tab. Perhaps you are a writer looking for a project and this would interest you.  We have a list of players that have won one or more of the City Championship, the Firecracker Open or the Harvey Penick and we are interested in telling their story.  Perhaps you have an interest in helping us in that regard.

The point of all this is that you can help us grow awareness of our golfing community.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Contact us at GolfAustin.Org by sending an email to or calling 512-796-8939.


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