2013 Crenshaw Cup Gets Underway

The Charles E. Crenshaw Cup
This event is named in honor of Charles E. Crenshaw, Sr. who is Ben and Charlie Jr.'s father.  Charles Sr. was a scratch player and a much beloved member of ACC for over 40 years.  He was also a member of Barton Creek Country Club and a good friend to many of the members.  Most importantly, Charles Sr. was a gentleman whose integrity, sportsmanship, good humor and kindness were legendary.  His holiday, sauteed pecans were addicting and he was a great cook. 

The Crenshaw Cup trophy is a beautiful crystal eagle.  The competition is a Ryder Cup Format.  Austin Country Club currently holds the Cup but Barton Creek leads the series 7-5.

The History of ACC vs BCC Event
The event, originally dubbed the Callenge Cup, actually was played on and off over the past 13 years.  The first event was an invitational, which included players of all levels.  The event then morphed into a tournament for scratch players.  Ultimately, the event went dormant.  The rejuvenation and restructuring of this tournament in 2000 was a major goal of the Barton Creek Country Club Mens Golf Association and a Crenshaw Cup spot has become the envy of any player at Barton Creek or Austin Country Club.

Austin Country Club Team ( Click on Photo to Enlarge)
Team Capain: Jim Hopke
Asst. Captain: Nick Olivarri
Special Invite: Michael Cooper
Professional: Dale Morgan
Professional: Greg Slosson

Jamie Beaman
Brett Findley
Geoff Champlin
George Covert
Mike Allen
Brian Noonan
Scott Haushill
Scott Bryant
Blake Mycoskie
Kyle Parks
Ras Redwine
Brian Bailey
Josh Kaufmann
Richard Funk
Chuck Munson
Daryl White

Barton Creek Country Club Team
Team Captain: Jay Turbeville
Asst. Captain: Matt Smith
Special Invite: Trent Redfern
Professional: Phillip Marburger
Professional: Chesley Carr

Dylan Everett
Tom Strand
Matt Sitra
Ken Redfern
Damian Borichevsky
Derek McGee
Jay Symcox
Roger Berry
Tony Lasita
Jim Perzan
Richard Larson
Peter Norwood
Charlie Watts
Rob Repass
Bubba Sykes
Hap Feuerbacher

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