Westlake Wins Ryder Cup Match With Lake Travis

The Westlake Boys High School Golf Team defeated the Lake Travis High School Boys Golf Team in a Ryder Cup style competition by a score of 22 to 6.  The matches were played at a variety of courses over several days. The event has been contested since 2003 and Westlake holds a 10-2 record vs Lake Travis.

Westlake took a commanding lead in the four ball and foursomes matches, amassing a total of  10.5 to 5.5.  Westlake then won 11 of the 12 singles matches and halved the other match to cement the winning margin.

The singles matches were played at Falconhead Golf Course.  Listed below are the results of the singles matches.  Lake Travis players appear on the left and Westlake players on the right.

Dillon Baxter Baxter v Reese Ramsey 2&1
Carson Smith v Nick Costello 1 up
Nick Winborn v Trevor Brown  4&3
Tau Broadhurst v. Reid Davenport  3&2
Raleigh Kelley v. Robert Rickard  3&2
Steven Severance v. Henrik Olsson 2 up
Tristan Stalker v. Matthew Stewart  halved
Christian Gurley v. Ryan McGinley  2 up
Palmer Smith v Jackson Ingraham  3&2
Gray Litowitz v. Alec Bates. 3&1
Sam Briscoe v. Zach West  3&2
Mike Butler v. Trey Gillingwater  2 up

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