Tuesday, Final Practice Round

Monday night at the Paramount Theater the player brackets were determined.  Tuesday morning the players headed to the course for their final practice round before play begins Wednesday morning.

Billy and Pam Clagett

Billy and Pam Clagett

The spectators showed up early and watched players battle an increasingly strong south wind.  Gusts in the 25 mph range made practice difficult.  Local golfers, such as Billy and Pam Clagett, seemed to be enjoying themselves even if the players were not.

DSC00628Fans were able to obtain player photographs.  Jack and Jackson Cardwell managed to get Adam Scott, a two time winner this season, to sign their flag before he began practicing.  This was an obvious delight to young Jackson and his proud father.  They were having a good time.

Jack and Jackson Cardwell

Jack and Jackson Cardwell

Friends and fans all seemed to be enjoying the weather and the celebrity of the worlds best golfers being present.  Click here to see photos of some of the people in attendance.

Meanwhile the golfers were hard at work on the practice tee and the course.  Phil Mickelson spent some time on the range and  Dustin Johnson was hitting balls next to him and was on the range for a couple of hours.  Nick Faldo spent some time with Lee Westwood and Chuck Cook was working with Jason Duffner.

All in all it was a golfers fantasy world.  Click here to see photos of golfers swings.

Matches begin Wednesday so it should be exciting.

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