Tim Wilson – Go Fund Me Effort

Tim Wilson holding the Firecracker Open Trophy.

Tim Wilson is a great guy and friend to many of us.  An Austin native who played golf for the University of Texas at Austin, won the Trans-Miss Amateur, the Austin Mens City Championship, The Firecracker Open (twice) and has numerous other golfing achievements.
In recent years he has encountered health difficulties that have resulted in significant medical bills.  This is one of those situations where someone has been gainfully employed all his life, was doing things by the book and then encountered a medical situation that overwhelmed he and his wife’s ability to deal with it.  Friends and fellow golfers have set up a GoFundMe account to help with the medical expenses.
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Tim Wilson – 1975 Firecracker Open Champioin

Tim grew up playing golf in Austin and was in his golfing heyday in the mid seventies.  He won the 1974 Trans-Miss tournament, which was one of the major amateur tournaments in the country at the time.  He won the Firecracker Open in 1975, defeating defending champion Mike Allen in a playoff.  The tournament was played at Jimmy Clay Golf Course while Lions Municipal was being redesigned.  In 1976, he successfully defended his Firecracker Open title and won the Austin Men’s City Championship as well.

Tim played for the The University of Texas and was a regular member of the traveling squad along with a lifelong friend Mark Bedillion.  They were dominant players in their prime.

For years Tim and Billy Clagett were partners at the Lions Spring Partnership.   His wife Cathy and son Zack are also fine players and the family has enjoyed the game during their time together.

If you know Tim or Cathy please try and help with their medical bills.  Anything you can do to make others aware of their need will be appreciated.



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