Pros Take Lead In 2011 Hannon Cup

After the opening cerimonies Sunday night, which featured Joe Black as guest speaker, the 2011 Hannon Cup Matches began at 8:00 am Monday September 19th at the University of Texas Golf Club.  

The format for the morning matches was fourball,  better know as best ball, where each member of a two man team plays their own ball for the entire hole.  The lowest score of the two man team represents the team score for that hole.  The amateur team and the pro team then match scores to see which team had the single lowest score on the hole.  The team that wins the most holes wins the match.   There were 14 players on each the amateur and professional team and thus seven matches were played.   During the morning matches, the professionals won 5 matches and the amateurs won 2.

The afternoon matches used the fourball format, better know as alternate shot.   In this format, the two team members alternate hitting shots until the hole is complete and they record a single score for the team.  The amateur team and the professional team then compare scores to see which team won the hole.  The match lasts until one of the teams wins the match.  In the Foursomes matches, the professionals won 3 1/2 points and the amateurs won 3 1/2 points.

After the first day of play the professional lead the amateurs 8 1/2 to 5 1/2.  

After play, the teams gathered to share stories about the days play and eat while the team captains conferred to decide on the parings and order of play for the singles.  They shared the ups and downs of the days and relived their moments of excellence as well as their downfalls. 

The captains also rallies their teams and talked about the next days  matches.  Amateur team captain John Pigg shares some advice about the singles matches before both teams headed for the house and some rest before the final days play. 


The singles matches will be played on Tuesday morning starting at 8:00 A.M. with the last tee time at 10:10 A.M.  The pairings for the singles matches are:


Singles Matches      
Ricky Arnett vs Larry Nunez  
Wes Skaggs vs Drew Bell  
Greg Smith vs Kody King  
Ted Soule vs Dean Lundquist  
Jean-Paul Hebert vs Steven Bright  
Tyson Tidwell vs Peter McGibney  
Kyle Edwards vs Robert Evans  
Winn Smith  vs Gene Black  
Garry Rippy vs Ripley McWilliams  
Ryan Cromwell vs Woody Englander  
Brian Marini vs Ron Kilby  
Louie Runge vs Aaron Kaiser  
Lonny Alexander vs Mike Allen  

The amateurs currently lead the 14 year history of the matches with 8 wins to the professional teams 6 wins.  This 15th anniversay of the Hannon Cup, which honors George Hannon saw the return of the Brent Buckman to captain the professional team and John Pigg to captain the amateur team.   Coach Hannon was on hand to enjoy the competition and the fellowship of all the players.





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