Amateurs Lead Hannon Cup After Day 1

The 2012 Hannon Cup Matches got under way Monday at Spanish Oaks Golf Club.  After the morning four-ball matches, the professional held a slim 4-3 lead.  However, the amateurs staged a strong showing in the foursome matches, capturing 5 1/2 points to the one and a half points won by the professionals.  After the first day of play, the overall score stands at 8 1/2 points for the amateurs and 5 1/2 points for the professionals.

Singles matches start at 8:00 am on Tuesday with a total of 14 points up for grabs.  The outcome will be decided by the singles matches, although the amateurs have a signicant lead.  The professionals currently hold the cup and if they can win a total of 14 points they will retain the cup.  The amateurs need a total of 14 1/2 points to capture the cup. 


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