Hannon Cup Association Hosts Golf Day For It’s Members

The Hannon Cup Association held it’s annual Golf Day at The University of Texas Golf Club on Tuesday of this week.  This is the first of several functions that the Hannon Cup Association hosts for it’s members throughout the year.  For information about joining the association, see their webpage.

The Golf Day consisted of two hours of instruction and then a nine hole shamble with two man teams.  Bill Moretti, Joe Beck Jr., George Hannon, and John Paul Hebert were on hand to provide their expertise to the players.  This included analysis of their full swing, demonstrations and lessons on how to pitch the ball using the bounce of the wedge and putting tips.

coach and paul dosseyCoach George Hannon and Paul Dossey are shown here watching one of the students hit balls while Coach offers his advice on the swing.  Paul Dossey ,on the right, paired with his son Cooper to play in the nine hole shamble after the instructional portion of the day. Cooper, who plays for Vandegrift High School has had a very successful year in junior golf and is looking forward to the district golf championship next week.


jp hebertJohn Paul Hebert casts his watchful eye on one of the players pitching technique. Notice he has the student using an extra club held alongside the shaft of the wedge. This extends the shaft along the players left hip and promotes proper rotation through the shot to maintain a constant loft and utilize the bounce of the club during the strike.  Hebert is known for his length off the tee but also has great touch around the green.  Players benefited greatly from his help during the instructional portion of the day.


After the instruction and nine hole shamble competition, scores were posted and prizes awarded while the players enjoyed a meal and beverages.  Steve Termeer, president of the Hannon Cup Association, thanked the players and the Titleist sponsor for participating in the event and supporting the associations efforts to provide scholarships and support to junior golfers in the area.

The Hannon Cup has provided over $150,000 in scholarships through the South Texas PGA and support to the City of Austin Junior Golf Academy.  The Austin Junior Golf Academy was originally started by Coach George Hannon, Lloyd Morrison, and Joe Balander. For registration and information about the academy, click here.



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