Vandegrift Boys Teams Lead 5A Region 4 Golf Tournament

In speaking with Matt Werneke, High School Golf Coach at Vandegrift, he predicted that both Vandegrift Boys Golf Teams would have a chance to advance through the regional golf tournament to the state tournament.  After the first round of the regional tournament, his prediction is coming true.

He also predicted that Alamo Heights of San Antonio would be their principal competition.

Cooper Dossey

Cooper Dossey

The Viper “Black” team shot three under par 285 and the “Silver” team shot 297.  Alamo Heights recorded 299.

Individual scores for the Black team were:
Cooper Dossey  66
Brandon Hoff    70
Lucas Mylet       73
Tobin Niblett     76
Wyatt Speaks     77

Silver Team individual scores
Foster Givens   74
Luke Dossey     74
Dalton Doerr    79
Daniel Martinez 70
Jacob Rockefeller  82

Good Luck to the Vipers

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