Notes From The U.S. Senior Open

Austin is being well represented at the U.S. Senior Open in Toledo Ohio.  Tom Kite, J.L. Lewis, Ben Crenshaw, Tom Jenkins and Mike Allen are all contestants from Austin.

Mike Allen and Tom Kite played a practice round on Tuesday.  Tom Kite and Mike Allen will play a practice round with Bruce Lietzke and John Harris on Wednesday.  

Kite was in his usual work ethic, playing, practicing, more practice, then dinner and off to sleep.

Mike Allen commented that there were a lot of things that happend to him on Tuesday that do not normally occur in his day such as having breakfast with Tom Kite, Olin Browne, Tom Lehman; meeting Michael Allen; signing about 100 autographs; hitting a ball into the bleachers and having patrons scatter for cover; looking around the locker room at the Inverness Club; having club representatives try to fit him for their golf clubs; having his name announced at a practice round; having a standard bearer accompany him throughout the day with his name along side of Kite's, playing a terrific Donald Ross golf course in 90 degree weather and many other special moments.

Crenshaw was his usual charming self and hit balls on the practice tee, Jenkins was putting on the putting green and Lewis was rushing to get registered before the deadline. 

The couse set up for the U.S. Senior Open is fair but stern.  As the week progresses, the roughs will grow and the greens will firm up to some extent.  Even par will be a good score. 

More to come in the following days.   


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