Photographs of Morris Williams Rennovation

The staff at the City of Austin Parks and Recreation Golf Department were kind enough to provide some photographs of the activities taking place out at the Morris Williams Renovation Project.  A couple of photos of that project are posted here and others are availablea on their facebook page at the following link.

The photo to the left is taken behind #12 green looking back toward the tee.  It shows the new shape and contour of the green.  There is less contour overall and the green has been reshaped to eliminate the small finger that previously occupied the back right of the green.  This green is slighly larger and should accomodate numerous pin positions.     

The photo to the right shows the location of the green on hole number 13.  The viewer will notice a small ditch running into the water hazard at the bottom of the photo.  This ditch will collect the spring water from the upper left portion of the hill.  The hole now has a double fairway and the hill to the left off the tee has been converted to a fairway, thus the ditch to collect the spring water.  This water has been continuously flowing since the inception of this ditch and serves to add fresh water to the pond in front of 13.  When overflow occurs, it will feed the creek to the right of the fairway and eventually make its way to the holding pond in front of number 3.  The additional flow should add somewhat to the freshness of the water in both cases.

The photo below is of 17 green, which has been moved slightly to the left and reshaped.  This will allow players to play up the right side on their second shot.  The green has been enlarged and reshaped to provide more pin positions.

A recent post to this website detailed some of the design changes place during the Morris Williams Renovation Project.  That posting, for those of you who missed it, is available here.

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