First of Two Firecracker Open Qualifer Results

The Firecracker Open, held annually at Lions Municipal Golf Course over the July 4th weekend, has a field of elite golfers from around Austin and the state.  Players who have obtained entry to the event through their play do not have to qualify.  Those exempt players include former Firecracker Open Champions, players who had high finishes in the 2012 Firecracker Open or City Championship, or who have won a local event that is designated as worthy of exemption into the Firecracker Open. The list of exempt players includes some of the best players in Austin. For a full description of the exempt categories and more details on the event, click here.

The Firecracker Open Trophy is coveted and holds the names of Austin's best golfers since 1946.  Billy Clagett holds the record for the most wins in the Firecracker Open with six victories, which earned him the nick name of "Mr. Muny".  Other players of note that have won the championship include Tom Kite, Ben Crenshaw, Randy Petri, Omar Uresti, Mark McEntire, Brian Noonan, Ricky Arzola, Michael Cooper, Stratton Nolen, Brenden Redfern, Robby Ormand, Alex Ellis, Scott Rodebush and Mike Allen.

Others, who did not meet the exempt categories of players, must qualify for the firecracker through either of two qualifying rounds at Lions Municipal Golf Course. 

The first of the two qualifiers was held Friday, April 19th in cool gusty north winds.  Because the course is designed with the prevailing southeast wind in mind, the scoring conditions were difficult.  Lions is a short course but it has demanding green complexes.  Added to the challenges of the greens, the north wind provided a stern test over the relatively short golf course.  The qualifying scores reflected those conditions.  Listed below are the results from the first qualifier.

Players with a score of 78 or better gained entry into the 2013 Firecracker Open.  The second qualifier will be held June 15th. 

Name Score
Riley, Matt 71
Shell, Jeff 72
Creath, Norris 72
Landry, Steve 73
Levy, Alex 73
Davis, Brian 73
Reynolds, Randy 73
Gomez, Ben 73
Brunssen, Vince 75
Rollins, Andrew 75
Vallejo, Gabriel 75
Brown, Trevor 76
Stark, George 76
Northington, Daniel 76
McDonough, Moore 77
Anderson, Tim 77
Reynolds, Peach 77
Church, Andrew 77
Zinna, James 77
Long, Jason 78
Bendetti, Joe 78
Ezell, Will 78
Lafaitte, Don 78
Shanahan, Patrick 79
Specjal, Robert 79
Winters, Thomas 79
Morris, Shane 79
Glosson, Monte 80
Goodlett, Wesley 80
Donelson, Josh 80
Lantz, Jacob 80
De Paolis, Lorenzo 80
Neuhaus, Bryan 81
Vaughn, Lee 81
Schroeder, Scott 82
Troiano, Michael 82
Clack, Tim 82
Graham, Sean 83
Jordahl, Myron 83
Bushover, Stephen 83
Kejriwal, Rishi 83
Romero, Paul 84
Jeffers, Johnny 84
Cowart, John 84
Wilson, Janelle 84
Albertson, Rob 84
Burch, Duncan 84
Seidman, Chris 85
Greenway, Taylor 85
Palacios, Marco 85
Greuter, Ryan 85
Osgood, Ben 86
Greenan, Thomas 88
Curtiss, Michael S. 88
Chappell, Chris 88
Carpenter, Gary 88
Hantelmann, Matt 89
Spigareli, Rick 89
Reddin, Les 89
Pope, Brian 90
Minor, Landry 93
Arenas, Laffit DNS
Pudua, Vince DNS
Turner, Trent DNS
Turner, Cyrus DNS
Douglass, Jan NC
Schnabel, Mark WD
Pitts, Randy WD
Ratley, Michael WD
Potluri, Praveen WD


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